Govt GACL Recruitment - MSc Chemistry Senior Chemist Post

Govt GACL Recruitment – MSc Chemistry Senior Chemist Post

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Job Title: Sr Chemist (QC) – On Contract

Location: DAHEJ

Qualification M.Sc (Chemistry) (full time) from government recognized university,
Opening & Closing Date 04th APR, 2023 To 16th APR, 2023

Experience He /She should have minimum 6 years experience

Roles and Responsibilities

• Instrument calibration & validation. Reporting.

• BIS , IMS, Third party audit / inspection & liaison related documentation .

• Maintain requirement of chemicals, glass wares, miscellaneous items.

• Coordination with process department.

• Maintenance of QA and QC related works.

• To maintain FDA related documentation & records.

• To attend customer complaint

He/ She should be well versed with the latest instrumental techniques used in the analysis and have good experience handling the documentation work related to ISO Certifications. The experience in handling the documentation work related to NABL approval would be an added advantage.

Administrative responsibility:

1. To maintain and update ISO records.

2. To maintain store of chemicals for daily analytical requirement.

3. To monitor housekeeping in laboratory

4. Liaison with concerned department for typical analysis.

5. To develop new analytical method


6. To monitoring and recheck new material and intermediate product.

7. Finish product approval and monitoring.

8. Monitoring liquid effluent and stack.

9. Monitoring control sample.

General Terms and conditions for all advertised positions:

  • Recruitment for the advertised positions are for a long term contract
  • For Executive Trainee position, the suitable and competent candidate would be offered a 6-year contract
  • For all other positions, the suitable and competent candidate would be offered a 5-year contract
  • The contract shall be extendable for similar term on same or higher level based upon satisfactory performance and Management’s discretion
    Candidates having experience in Heavy Chemicals / Fertilizers / Petrochemicals industries will be given preference.
  • Candidates should have full time qualification at required level in the respective discipline.
  • Canvassing in any manner may disqualify the applicant.
  • The company reserves its right to accept and/or reject the applicant without assigning any reason.
  • Merely fulfilling the educational qualification does not necessarily entitle applicants to be called for personal interview. Relaxation in age may be given to deserving candidates.
  • The company reserves its right to transfer / place employees anywhere in India or abroad for all positions.
  • We do not discriminate on account of Sex, Caste and Religion.

General Information:

  • There are total 13 levels in Management category (M 0 being highest).
  • For the Management Category positions, the promotion cycle of 04 years starts from 01st July of the respective year. The high performers may be considered for promotion on completion of 03 years’ service.4
  • On request a copy of promotion guidelines and Performance assessment can be shared. Interested candidates may send their request to [email protected]

Last Date To Apply: 16th APR, 2023

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Possible interview questions and answers for the job of Sr Chemist (QC) – On Contract:

  1. What are the key responsibilities of a Sr Chemist (QC) in this role?Answer: The Sr Chemist (QC) will be responsible for instrument calibration & validation, maintaining chemicals, glass wares, miscellaneous items, coordination with the process department, maintaining QA and QC related works, maintaining FDA related documentation & records, attending customer complaints, and administrative responsibilities such as maintaining ISO records, monitoring housekeeping in the laboratory, and monitoring control samples.
  2. What qualifications and experience do you have that make you suitable for this role?

Answer: I hold an M.Sc (Chemistry) degree from a government-recognized university and have over 8 years of experience working in QC and QA roles in the petrochemicals industry. I have experience in instrument calibration & validation, maintaining chemicals, coordinating with the process department, and maintaining FDA-related documentation & records. I am also well-versed in the latest instrumental techniques used in analysis and have experience handling documentation work related to ISO certifications.

3. How would you ensure that you maintain accurate records and documentation related to ISO certification and NABL approval?

Answer: I would ensure accurate record-keeping and documentation related to ISO certification and NABL approval by following established procedures and guidelines for record-keeping, using appropriate software tools for maintaining records, regularly reviewing and updating records, and ensuring that all documentation is complete, accurate, and up-to-date.

4. Can you describe your experience in developing new analytical methods and monitoring control samples?

Answer: In my previous roles, I have developed several new analytical methods to improve the accuracy and precision of the QC process. I have also monitored control samples to ensure that the analytical methods used are accurate and reliable. For example, in my previous role, I developed a new analytical method to test the purity of a specific chemical compound that was more accurate and precise than the previous method.

5. How would you handle a customer complaint related to product quality or performance?

Answer: If a customer complaint related to product quality or performance was received, I would investigate the complaint thoroughly, including reviewing batch records and QC data, to determine the root cause of the issue. I would then develop a corrective and preventive action plan to address the issue and prevent similar issues from occurring in the future. I would also communicate with the customer to provide updates on the status of the investigation and actions taken to address the issue.

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