Elements Hiring Chemical Engineering Candidates - Apply Online

Elements Hiring Chemical Engineering Candidates – Apply Online

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Elements announces job opening for PhD candidates. Candidates with PhD degree in chemistry or chemical engineering may apply for the job opening at elements, PhD chemistry job opening 2023, chemical engineering job opening 2023, Intrested and eligible candidates may check out all the details on the same below:

Job Title: Senior Scientist

Business Unit: MEIS

Division: Industrial CORE – Business

Eligbility Criteria & Experience:

  • Ph.D. in a technical field (Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, etc) is strongly preferred.
  • 2-5 years of Industrial R&D experience with Aluminum Anodizing and Conversion coating area etc., preferred.
  • An advanced understanding of the surface finishing industry that will allow effective collaboration with plating experts on product development projects.
  • Proven ability to track, manage, and report on the progress of complex projects, and to consistently meet deadlines.
  • Proven ability to use statistical methods to design, analyze, and interpret the results of complex experimental programs.
  • Demonstrated interpersonal and technical skills required to work across functional areas and with customers to gather and maintain information required for product development activities.
  • Experience with collaboration and negotiation with external vendors to keep projects on track and on schedule.
  • Expertise with Microsoft Office applications and DOE software.

Job Responsibilities

  • The Research and Development Scientist is responsible for managing and completing R&D projects, both alone and in collaboration with other R&D personnel, often as a member of a global team.
  • Project work will be the focus, with raw material qualification and QC method development expected to occupy some proportion of the work.
  • Track patent and Scientific literature.
  • Follow stage-gate project management system and document project progress.
  • The Scientist will have responsibilities, like support ISO audit program, monitor and follow health and lab safety and take-up additional responsibilities, as when requirement comes up.
  • The mission of the Scientist is to develop new products as dictated by business needs, conducting sophisticated chemical research quickly, cost effectively, and safely. The position will be located in Bangalore, India at the Cookson India Research Centre, and will report to the R&D Manager at the site.

Apply Online

Important Interview Questions and Answers for the above job role:

  1. Can you tell us about your PhD research and how it relates to this position at Elements?

Answer: My PhD research focused on developing novel materials for industrial applications, which has given me a strong foundation in materials science and chemistry. I believe this background will be useful in managing and completing R&D projects at Elements.

2. Have you worked with aluminum anodizing and conversion coatings before? If so, can you give an example of a project you worked on in this area?

Answer: Yes, I have worked with aluminum anodizing and conversion coatings during my Industrial R&D experience. One project I worked on involved developing a new conversion coating process for improving corrosion resistance in aluminum alloys used in the aerospace industry.

3. How do you manage and report on the progress of complex projects, and how do you ensure that deadlines are consistently met?

Answer: I typically use a stage-gate project management system to break down complex projects into manageable stages, with clear deliverables and timelines for each stage. I also use statistical methods to design, analyze, and interpret the results of complex experimental programs, which helps me to track progress and adjust course as needed to meet project deadlines.

4. Can you describe a time when you had to collaborate with plating experts on a product development project, and how did you ensure effective collaboration?

Answer: During one project, I worked closely with plating experts to develop a new coating process that required coordination between our teams. To ensure effective collaboration, I established clear communication channels, held regular meetings to discuss progress and resolve issues, and made sure that everyone had a clear understanding of the project goals and timelines.

5. How do you stay up to date with scientific literature and patent developments relevant to your work, and how do you use this information in your R&D projects?

Answer: I regularly read scientific literature and patent databases to stay up to date with the latest developments in my field. I also attend conferences and seminars to learn about emerging trends and technologies. I use this information to identify new opportunities for product development and to design experiments that build on existing knowledge and techniques.

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