Diageo BSc/MSc Chemistry Recruitment - Candidates Apply Online

Diageo BSc/MSc Chemistry Recruitment – Candidates Apply Online

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Job Title: Assistant Manager – Liquid Technologist

Location: Bangalore, India

Eligbility Criteria – Bachelors/ Master degree in Alcohol Technology/Analytical Chemistry/Bio Chemistry/Food Technology. Additional certifications including Masters or PhD a plus. Engineering or Applied Science Degree or recognized technical equivalent

Experience – Minimum 1-2 years in Distillery/blending/Quality /Product Development in Food and beverages

Functional Requirements –

  • Product Development and Blending Skills and experience of the liquid blending at unit and lab scale
  • Understanding of product development / Liquid development process to develop winning products as per brief
  • Good sensory skill to develop beating liquids
  • Understanding of the ingredients and additives for liquid development
  • Always seeks to evolve as a liquid developer and masterfully creates industry leading liquid
  • Leverages deep consumer insights in liquid development work – catering the brief and scope to the 5Ws/ CCQ
  • Interprets ambiguous consumer and sensory learnings to deliver optimal liquid solutions within cost requirements
  • Builds relationships and holds the tension with supply (with skill, when necessary) to ensure concept / concept liquid execution
  • Adheres to best practice and governance procedures with robust handover and C2C processes; seeks to improve wow
  • Contact and interface with consumers to understand consumer technical insights with innovation / market research team
  • Opportunities for Growth
  • Expand skill through experience in various categories/ platforms/ initiatives
  • Broaden skill and network through cross-functional assignments and/or stretching business deliverables
  • Bring new technology and technical solutions into the business and into market
  • Grow strong capabilities in cross functional stakeholder management
  • Develop consumer insights and technical reasons to believe for concept development

Technical Leadership Expectations

Organizational Impact and Influence

  • Can effectively manage self and prioritize objectives to achieve best business results.
  • Independently designs and executes experiments to accomplish research/ project objectives within budget.
  • Understands the appropriate legal and regulatory requirements of the region, and seeks creative opportunities within regulations.
    Crafts technologies so a meaningful consumer application can be derived.

Decision Making / Problem Solving

  • Incorporates the newest technologies and thinking to deliver smart, novel technical solutions.
  • Applies both analysis and intuition equally into work.
  • Consistently demonstrates excellent follow-through on project commitments.

Communication Skills

  • Cultivates a culture of openness and information sharing.
  • Can interpret and simplify complex technical issues into key messages and recommendations.
  • Effectively uses verbal and written communication skills to align and drive business results. Engages with peers and stakeholders in a way that inspires trust and confidence.
    Independent Judgment
  • Responds quickly and effectively to changes in project needs and priorities.
  • Prioritizes the delivery of the business/ project goals above personal technical achievements – will comfortably seek out peer/ management support when needed to achieve results.
  • Is able to apply own and others’ creativity to develop powerful solutions in ideation sessions.

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Top Interview Questions and answers for the above job role: 

What experience do you have in product development and blending in the food and beverage industry?

Answer: I have been working in the food and beverage industry for the past 2 years, with experience in product development, blending, and quality control. I have worked with various ingredients and additives to develop winning products that meet the brief.

How do you ensure adherence to best practices and governance procedures in the liquid development process?

Answer: To ensure adherence to best practices and governance procedures, I follow robust handover and C2C processes. I seek to improve the process continually and keep up with the latest developments in the industry.

Can you give an example of how you leveraged deep consumer insights in your liquid development work?
Answer: Yes, in a previous role, I worked on a project where we used consumer insights to develop a new product line of flavored spirits. We conducted focus group discussions and surveys to identify the most preferred flavors among our target audience. We used this information to develop a range of products that were well received in the market.

How do you prioritize objectives to achieve the best business results?

Answer: I prioritize objectives by first understanding the business’s overall goals and identifying how my role can contribute to achieving those goals. I then prioritize my objectives based on their impact on the business and how they align with the company’s vision and mission.

How do you incorporate the newest technologies and thinking into your work to deliver smart, novel technical solutions?

Answer: I keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends in the industry by attending conferences, workshops, and webinars. I also collaborate with colleagues and other professionals in the field to share ideas and knowledge

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