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Pharmacology Medical Advisor Vacancy @ Johnson & Johnson

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Johnson & Johnson is recruiting for a Medical Advisor – Established Products, Medical Affairs located in Mumbai, India. The position reports to the Head Medical Affairs, Janssen India.

Enable the associated franchise for all their scientific needs and partner with various stakeholders for all scientific purposes including clinical trial designs, publications, medical education initiatives, team scientific fitment etc.

Job Title: Medical Advisor

Location Asia Pacific-India-Maharashtra-Greater Mumbai

Eligbility Criteria: 

  • Post Graduate Medical Degree in Pharmacology
  • Minimum of 2 years experience in pharmaceutical industry in preferably in Medical Affairs
  • Understanding of local regulatory policy and industry’s code of practice related to drug registration, pharmaceutical promotion and clinical research

Key Responsibilities:

  • Core scientific member of cross-functional franchise team, responsible for:
    Scientific foundation of franchise strategy
  • Conceptualization of local clinical trials, exploring publication opportunities, evaluating IIS proposals
  • Conceptualization and project management of wide range of medical activities (including research, publications, medical education, patient support programs, advisory board meetings etc.) that are aligned to the franchise strategy
  • Structured planning and execution of scientific leaders’ engagement plan
  • Regular training and flow of latest medical developments in the given field to sales/marketing team
  • Scientific sanctity in all external (promotional material, patient education material etc.) and internal (newsletters etc.) communications
  • Representing the organization in various internal & external platforms

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Possible Interview Questions and Answers for the above post:

  1. What is your experience with local regulatory policies and the industry’s code of practice related to drug registration, pharmaceutical promotion, and clinical research?

Answer: I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over two years and have a Post Graduate Medical Degree in Pharmacology. As part of my previous roles, I have gained a good understanding of the local regulatory policies and the industry’s code of practice related to drug registration, pharmaceutical promotion, and clinical research.

2. How do you ensure scientific sanctity in all external and internal communications?

Answer: I believe that scientific integrity is essential in all communications related to pharmaceutical products. To ensure scientific sanctity, I ensure that all external and internal communications are based on accurate scientific information and comply with regulatory requirements. I review and approve all promotional and educational materials to ensure that they accurately represent the data and messaging of our products.

3. Can you give an example of how you have managed a project related to medical activities aligned to a franchise strategy?

Answer: As a core scientific member of the cross-functional franchise team, I conceptualized and managed a medical education initiative for a new product launch. This included identifying and engaging with key opinion leaders, developing educational materials, and planning and executing advisory board meetings. The initiative resulted in increased awareness and adoption of the product, as well as positive feedback from physicians and patients.

4. How do you keep the sales and marketing team up-to-date on the latest medical developments in the field?

Answer: I regularly conduct training sessions and share relevant scientific articles and publications with the sales and marketing team. I also organize scientific symposia and meetings to facilitate dialogue between the scientific community and the sales and marketing team.

5. Can you tell us about a time when you faced a challenging scientific issue and how you resolved it?

Answer: In a previous role, we faced a challenge related to the interpretation of clinical trial data for a new product. I collaborated with the clinical development team and key opinion leaders to review the data and develop a new hypothesis for the product’s mechanism of action. We conducted additional studies to support the new hypothesis, and the product was ultimately approved by regulatory authorities.

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