Jubilant MSc Chemistry Job Vacancy 2022 - Apply Online

Jubilant MSc Chemistry Job Vacancy 2022 – Apply Online

Jubilant Life Sciences Limited hiring for a chemistry job opening in 2022. Chemistry job opening 2022. Production chemist vacancy. Chemist job opening 2022. organic chemistry job vacancy 2022. Chemistry job opening 2022. Check out all the details on the same below:

Jubilant Drug Discovery and Development Services (JDDDS), is part of the Jubilant LifeSciences family of companies with R&D Centers in India, USA and business offices in Asia, Europe and North America. JDDDS has a global reach and provides comprehensive drug discovery and development solutions from target discovery to clinical development in partnership with leading pharma companies worldwide.

Job Title: Trainee Research Associate (Medicinal Chemistry)


Department: Medicinal Chemistry

Educational Qualification: M.Sc (Organic Chemistry)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Synthesize Novel Synthetic Organic Molecules in Milligram to gram Batches.
  • Solve Troubleshooting in various organic chemical reactions.
  • Setting up of reactions, purification techniques, compound characterization
  • Handling of moisture and air-sensitive reagents & reactions.
  • Carrying out a literature search and retrieving data from various scientific journals and patents.
  • Ability to communicate effectively

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