IFF QC Analyst Recruitment - MSc Chemistry Job Opening 2022

IFF QC Analyst Recruitment – MSc Chemistry Job Opening 2022

IFF QC Analyst vacancy. Chemistry job opening 2022. MSc Chemistry job opening 2022. Chemistry quality analyst job vacancy 2022. Chemistry job opening 2022. Candidates with master’s degree in chemistry may apply for the job vacancy at IFF. Intrested and eligible candidates may check out all the details on the same below:

Job Title: QC Analyst – Readi

Location: Chennai, IN, 600032

Eligibility Criteria & Experience:

• Bachelor´s degree (Organic or Analytical Chemistry) preferred (4-5 years).

• Broad knowledge of Gas chromatography and Mass spectrometry techniques. (2 years)

• Total understanding of Organic Chemistry

• Two years of experience on Quality Control with a total understanding of analytical chemistry.


• Knowledge of fragrances and flavour ingredients. (Desirable)

• SAP advanced knowledge QM module

Required Skills:

• Knowledge of Good Laboratory Practices.

• Knowledge of HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

• Analytic / Problem solving

• Teamwork

• Interpersonal Skills/Communication

• Results-oriented

• Regulatory norms

• Allergens declaration

• Decisiveness, reliability, decision-making quality, drive for results

As QC Analyst – READI is a specialized chemist and you will be responsible for working for manufacturing sites and creative centers around

the world depending on the workload demand and customers requirements, gathering efforts with R&D and the QC labs on the base of techniques such as Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry and methodologies for Allergens and Phthalates determination, to:

1) Assess and guarantee the quality of the raw material used to manufacture intermediate and finished products.

2) Assure that the delivered products to the customers are within specifications, protecting IFF from liability cost effective on time.

3) Supporting QC labs on the investigation of internal and external rejections and

4) When needed, providing technical support worldwide.

You will spend your time…

• Gas Chromatography evaluation of raw materials, intermediate and finished products from manufacturing plants and sample laboratories in accordance with internal specifications and external regulations, identifying deviations and/or abnormalities.

• Review the correct application of manual changes or reformulations or exceptions to the finished goods, on a timeline manner to assure the no impact on the OTP and/or any other KPI.

• Determine adjustments to turn the nonacceptable quality lots of finished products to Accepted quality, reducing rejection costs and avoiding any customer complaint and/or external rejection.

• Mass-spectrometry interpretation of allergenic agents and phathalates in raw materials and fine fragrances to assure the accomplishment of internal specifications and external regulations.

• Daily communication of results and interfacing with the stakeholders requiring data. Prioritize work coming from different locations according to communicated needs.

• Work together with Vendor Quality group on reviewing specifications of raw material, new quality of raw materials and/or new suppliers

• Provide technical guidance when required for any QC lab around the world and support for resolving the root cause of some internal or external rejection.

• Generate GC documentation according to the customers’ requirements

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