Jubilant Production Chemist Vacancy 2022 - Candidates Apply Online

Jubilant Production Chemist Vacancy 2022 – Candidates Apply Online

Jubilant Life Sciences Limited hiring for chemical engineering and chemistry job opening in 2022. Chemistry job opening 2022. Production chemist vacancy. Chemist job opening 2022. Chemical engineering job vacancy 2022. Chemistry job opening 2022. Check out all the details on the same below:

Jubilant Life Sciences Limited is one of the India’s leading corporate and a highly treasured brand throughout the world. The organization has a presence in the fields of Pharma and Life Sciences, Agri & Performance Polymers, Food & Retail, Oil & Gas and Services.

Job Title: Chemist – Production

Location: Bharuch – Plant, IND

Eligibility Criteria & Experience:

  • Diploma – Chemical Engineer or B.Sc. in Chemistry
  • 3 – 5 years of experience in Continuous chemical process/batch process plant.

Key Competencies (Technical, Functional & Behavioral)

  • Operating knowledge of Continuous chemical process/batch process.
  • Working knowledge of Reactors, filters, centrifuges in the batch process.
  • Adherence to quality / Safety norms.
  • Knowledge of DCS / PLC-based plant operation.
  • Knowledge of distillation operation.
  • Material handling (Toxic / hazardous).

Key Responsibilities

(Performance Indicators)

  • To maintain the logbook and shift report.
  • To operate the plant as per SOPs.
  • To note down all the plant readings regularly and record in log sheet.
  • Loading & unloading of the materials from drums, tanks & receivers as per the SOP.
  • Maintaining alertness & keeping Shift in a charge posted about any abnormality in the plant.
  • To make use of all the personnel protective equipment and maintain proper housekeeping in the plant.
  • Planned transfer/unloading of raw materials and dispatch of the finished goods.
  • To analyze all process samples as per the quality plan to control process parameters.
  • To collect all process samples as per instruction of Shift In-charge along with all necessary safety precautions.
  • To transfer the raw materials as per requirements.
  • In addition to the above jobs, the management may assign any other responsibility as and when required.
  • Awareness about responsible care ( Environment, Health, Safety, and Security )

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