Britannia Chemistry Job Opening 2022 - Quality Assurance Officer

Britannia Chemistry Job Opening 2022 – Quality Assurance Officer

Britannia MSc Chemistry job opening 2022, Quality assurance officer job opening 2022. Chemistry job opening, Candidates having a graduate degree in chemistry job opening 2022. Chemistry job vacancy, Intrested and eligible candidates may check out all the details on the same below:

Job Title: Quality Assurance Officer

Function: Quality

Eligibility Criteria: Graduate in MSc Chemistry

Experience: 3 to 5 years of experience in quality assurance

Desired Competencies: 

  • Familiarity with tools, concepts, and methodologies of quality management.
  • Basic knowledge of applicable software to infer statistical data. Negotiation skills, customer orientation.

Key Responsibilties: 

Quality and Food Safety Execution.

1) Ensure On-Line Product Quality Monitoring & Immediate Action Taken Through Production Offices and CP management to address any non Conformity

2) Ensure Testing Of Finished Goods As Per Standard Sampling & Test Method With Correct Document Exercise Regularly.

3) Periodic Verification Of Process Records. Incoming Quality Check Records,Ingredient Shelf-Life Records in-process quality check records.

4) Regular Verification Of Correct Functioning of Critical Process Equipment Like Weighing Balance Moulders, Oven, Slicers, And Coders

5) Ensure Basic Hygiene, Food Safety & GMP Requirements Are Complied With In Manufacturing.

6) Ensure Critical To Food Safety Processes Are

Being Complied With At Any Point in Time During manufacturing this would include Metal Detector, Pest Control, Convey Condition. Equipment Cleanliness, Sieves & Magnets, Personnel Hygiene storage condition, etc.

7) Conduct Training Sessions For Workers To Create Awareness On Quality Standards, GMP, Food Safety, and Hygiene.

8) Regular Audit Of Systems, Processes & Lab To Verify Compliance To Quality & Food Safety Standards.

9) Immediate & Suitable Action Against Issues Related To Process/System/Norm Non-Adherence Eq Monitoring, Food Safety & Hygiene To Prevent The Outcome Affecting Consumers & Brand Value.

Outcomes Expected: Compliance To Standards

Statutory Compliance.

1) Ensure Wrappers Are Checked For Presence Of Correct Addresses MRP, Veg Logo Mandatory declarations and necessary documentation Maintained.

2) Ensure Sufficient Samples Are Checked For Weight At Every Stage Of Production.

3) Ensure Immediate Action In Process To Correct The Non-Adherence Before Continuing

4) Verification Of Compliance To Pack Weights By Random Sampling On Regular Basis

5) Ensure No Lots Detected With Underweight Packs Are Released Without 100% Checking & Sorting

6) Ensure Functioning Of Coder With Legible Printing On Each & Every Pack Across SKUS

7) Ensure Systems Are Followed During Change In Date. Shift, Supervisors Name With Necessary Doc

8) Verification Of Compliance To Coding By Random Sampling On Regular Basis

9) Ensure All Weighing Balances & Dead Weights Are Calibrated As Per Schedule & Not In Use Without necessary certifications.

Outcomes Expected: Packs & Products Comprying To Statutory Requirements

Header Consumer Complaints

1. Share Each & Every Complaint As & When They Are received With CP Management & Concerned Supervisors Operators & Shop Floor Workers.

2. Identity Probable Causes Of The Complaint respective Of Sample Availability in Consultation with CP Management Supervisors.Operators & Workers

3. Assist in Designing Connective & Preventive Measures Along with The Team & Implement The Same With Immediate Effect

4, Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Action Through Regular Evaluation of Process & Product & Trend Of Company of Similar Nature in Subsequent Months

5, Analyse All Complaints Registered in Terms Of Category, SKULExtent, Trend Ele & Share With CP Management On Regular Basis To Demonstrate Status Of Improvement & Drawing Up Further Action Plan

Outcomes Expected: Reduction in Number of Complaints

Header Benchmarking

1. Visit all retail Outlets & Distribution Points Weekly Once For Understanding Customer & Consumer Quality concerns.

2. Evaluate Competmon Products in Tamms Of Grammage, Packaging Product Quality Features Etc.

3. Identity improvement Opportualities & Shale Action Plans With Operation & Quality for improvements

4) Measure Effectiveness of improvement Through Market Evaluation & Customer Feedback

Outcomes Expected: Consistent & Superior Quality

Products Header: Process Improvement initiatives

1. Identity And prioritize improvement Opportunities in areas Like System, Process Cost time in consultations  With Operations & Quality & apply a project-based approach towards improvement.

2. Periodically review improvements in the Overall Quality Of Processes And systems at The Factory.

Header: Management Information System

  1. Send Periodic Summary Report On Factory Quality Performance To Quality Manager.
  2. Commute Critical To Quality & Food Safety concerns to Quality Manager & All Other concerns As Soon As They Are Observed.

Outcomes Expected Periodic Performance Report

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