Shell Technology Catalyst Process Researcher Vacancy - Apply Online

Shell Technology Catalyst Process Researcher Vacancy – Apply Online

If you are passionate about working in the biofuels/chemicals area and contributing to Energy Transition, the Process researcher role in the Novel Materials R&D team would be a good opportunity. You will be responsible for developing exploratory R&D concepts that can help expand the applicability of IH2 Technology for chemicals products and circularity programs.

Job Title: Process Researcher – Catalyst

Business unit: Projects and Technology

Experience Level: Experienced Professionals

Eligibility Criteria: 

We’re keen to hear from individuals with at least a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. in Reaction engineering/Chemical Engineering.

Beyond that, we’d like to see the following:

  • At least 3 years of proven work experience either as a postdoc and/or in relevant industry position(s) in the energy sector and/or petrochemical industry.
  • Demonstrated experience in process development of Bio-based technologies/coal technologies/solids handling & fluidization behavior will be preferred
  • Demonstrated experience and appetite to work hands-on in the laboratory with performing reactions, preferably catalytic (packed beds, fluidized beds, micro-reactors etc)
  • Exposure/experience with Aspen flowsheet & building steady-state models would be desirable
  • Demonstrated experience in start-up and commissioning of pilot units
  • Experience in managing the safety, reliability, and quality of the experimental units

Where you fit in

You will be part of the diverse and cross-disciplinary VP-ship that brings together Catalyst, Analytical, Rock and Fluids as well as site management teams of Shell to deliver technology in a more efficient and effective manner. By leveraging global collaboration and expertise across the labs in Amsterdam, Bangalore, Ghent, Houston, and Leuna, you will accelerate the D1-D4 pathway resulting in more and cleaner energy solutions for business stakeholders including SC&T, DS-M, Integrated Gas, Upstream and New Energies.

What’s the role?

In this role, you will work as a member of a multi-disciplinary novel materials R&D team and will be responsible for driving innovation in the space of IH2 Technology development aimed at securing Shell’s long-term competitive position in response to the shift in the strategic direction and purpose of the company enabling energy transition.

More specifically, your responsibilities will include:

  • Guide experimental work executed through a number of high throughput catalyst testing units (semi-continuous and continuous units) on various bio-based feedstocks and related processes
  • Develop and evaluate R&D process concepts through desk-based options evaluation for chemicals applications i.e. areas outside fuels application.
  • Deliver R&D programs related to IH2 Technology development in the area of feedstock studies, product portfolio expansion & byproduct valorization for IH2 Technology
  • Contribute to energy transition via developing process concepts for moonshots area
    Keep Goal Zero (no harm to people) at the heart of everything, and achieve safe operation of all IH2 related pilot units in the lab
  • Liaison with key global/local academic institutes to develop and guide state of the art programs and projects in areas of interest mentioned above to the benefit of own work objectives and staying ahead of the competition

Apply Online

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