Unilever Process Modelling Engineer Vacancy - Chemical Engineering

Unilever Process Modelling Engineer Vacancy – Chemical Engineering

They are looking to hire a Process Modelling Engineer based in Bangalore. Unilever is looking to hire for the role of Process Modelling Engineer based in Mumbai. Unilever has been the fastest-growing Personal Care business in the world over the last three years with broad-based growth, improving brand equities, and strong technology pipelines

Purpose: To drive & develop modeling & analytics approaches in Digital R&D for product processing and manufacture with a particular focus on building models that enable solutions across R&D and into the business.

The M&A Process and Pack team derive benefit from leading-edge modeling and simulation expertise to ensure that we produce superior & sustainable products for our consumers. This opportunity is for a self-driven individual to build our capabilities in data analytics and data modeling so that we can increase the speed with which new innovations can reach the market. We support products and brands across all Unilever’s divisions in Foods & Refreshment, Home Care (e.g. laundry liquids and powders) and Beauty & Personal Care (e.g. shampoo, skin creams, soap bars).

Job Title: Process Modelling Engineer

Job ID: R-23588

Category: Research/Development

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Qualifications, Experience & Skills

  • A University level degree in engineering (chemical engineering) with a strong demonstration of applied data science modeling.

They anticipate that you will either have a higher degree (eg Ph.D.) or 4-5years work experience

Ability to

  • collaborate effectively with a talented team
  • take initiative and produce results
  • identify and carry out practical actions to deal with issues
  • bring new modeling solutions to problems and grow your own capabilities and skills
  • There are two important aspects to the role. Firstly, we are looking for candidates with strong technical expertise and they should outline their expertise in data analysis/modeling (e.g., level and type of techniques) and engineering-related applications. However, we recognize that most undergraduate degrees are strong in one or the other so we anticipate that the candidate will be stronger in certain aspects and learning complementary skills through either a higher degree or work experience. We have more than 300 manufacturing facilities across the globe so we learn on every project. Each of us has expertise but none of us is an expert in every product and data modeling technique so there is a strong culture of mutual support within the team and self-learning is strongly encouraged.
  • Secondly, the team in manufacturing facilities and the network of global and regional R&D teams often have a limited understanding of data modeling so you will need to build trust and nurture relationships and be sensitive to the day-to-day pressures of local teams. There are four types of data analytics and modeling, Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive. This is an R&D role so we want to get to Predictive and Prescriptive which are more value-adding but also more complex to implement. Often we need to start with Descriptive and Diagnostic and guide our partners through these stages. There are extensive tools at our disposal including data acquisition systems for factories and pilot plants, software such as Aspen, Gproms, python, R, Matlab and we collaborate with a number of external experts to develop new capabilities in data modeling.
  • The team undertakes the most challenging problems so you must be comfortable with adapting your approach and with embracing new modeling approaches. We are committed to understanding the process engineer’s needs intimately so that we can provide better solutions We are looking for modelers with a passion to learn, a creative mindset and who enjoy seeing their models contributing to our business.


  • From the start we expect you to embrace the global way of working across Unilever R&D sites, promoting global mindset and collaboration. In addition, we expect you to be looking to learn more about our products and processes and to identify training and learning opportunities to fill the gaps in your skills.
  • During the first month, you will be partnered with a category team developing a process through pilot plant trials and a team working on understanding the drivers of quality for a product already in a factory. We envisage that you will apply your existing expertise and use it as an opportunity to expand your skillset.
  • As you gain familiarity you will work in partnership with category Program Leaders to formulate applied research programs, including data acquisition policies, experimental approaches, and data model-building strategies.
    After about 3 months you will be working with the Modelling & Analytics Director to strengthen our profile at the Unilever R&D BL site and promote an equitable and inclusive culture
  • After about 6 months you will be contributing to the scientific strategy and roadmap for process data analytics and modeling, including the development of talent.

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