Syngene Pharmaceutical Science Job Opening - Apply Online

Syngene PhD Pharmaceutical Science Job Opening – Apply 

Research Investigator/ Principal Investigator Job. Syngene invites postgraduate Pharmaceutical science candidates for the post of Research Investigator/ Principal Investigator. Interested and eligible candidates may apply online, Check out all the details on our website

Job Title: Research Investigator/ Principal Investigator

Job Location: Bangalore

Department: Discovery Biology

Educational Qualification:

A PhD in pharmaceutical sciences or biological science. Five or more years of Post-doctoral and/or Industrial experience in transporter protein sciences research.

Technical/Functional Skills:

  • Comprehensive understanding of in vitro ADME assays and technical expertise in troubleshooting the assays
  • Several years of experience in conducting In vitro cell-based assays using suspension and plateable hepatocytes and transporter (OATPs, OAT, OCT and MATES) transfected cell lines
  • In-depth understanding of biochemical and aspects of enzyme kinetics is highly desirable related to the transporter proteins
  • A reasonable understanding of PBPK aspects and DDI risk assessment related to transporter proteins are essential
  • Demonstrated cross-functional leadership capabilities
  • Experience with automation is desirable


A PhD in pharmaceutical sciences . Five or more years of Post-doctoral and/or Industrial experience in transporter protein sciences research.

Behavioural Skills:

  • Demonstrate the ability to be a team player.
  • Commitment to deliver the study reports within the agreed timelines
  • Adaptability to changes in the dynamic lab environment
  • Communicate confidently with colleagues and collaborators in the meetings and
  • presentation of study reports and evidence of publications in the PEER reviewed Journals
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Job Purpose

  • Scientific leadership role to establish Drug Transporter Protein Sciences Research Group
    Interact with cross-functional scientific teams and external collaborators and remain as a subject matter expert in the field of transporter protein sciences
  • Identification of likely transporter interactions of lead compounds and provide mitigation strategy
  • Build capability to understand physchem properties that are related to the transporter protein liabilities in drug discovery programs
  • Preparation of IND packages to support investigative studies that are part of regulatory submissions

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop tools and reagents to investigate the role of drug transporters in the disposition of small molecules
  • Integration of study results obtained from suspension and plateable hepatocytes to assess the contribution of uptake clearance mechanism in the overall disposition
  • Seamless coordination within vivo DMPK group to design in vivo studies for integration of in vitro findings
  • Design and execute In vitro uptake assays in suspension, plateable hepatocytes and in the transporter transfected cell lines
  • Integration of mechanistic ADME study results with transporter protein functionally and provide directions for the progression of molecules
    Preparation of SOP’s and EOPs
  • Reporting of the executed studies with a high level of data integrity
  • Reporting of study results clearly in the cross-functional scientific meetings
  • Follow environment, health, and safety (EHS) requirements at all times in the workplace ensuring individual and lab/plant safety
  • Ensure environment, health, and safety (EHS) measures are imparted via training and adhered within the team
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