Project Kavach Launched by Apollo Hospitals To Fight Covid-19

Project Kavach Launched by Apollo Hospitals to fight Covid-19

Founder and also chairman Dr. Prathap C Reddy of Apollo Hospital stated the country will certainly require to have at the very least 50,000 beds and devoted centers as a result of the extremely contagious nature of the Coronavirus, viewing this Apollo Hospital has released Project Kavach to manage COVID-19 outbreak.

As mentioned in business today, Project Kavach was released on Thursday by significant Indian medical care Apollo Hospitals to eliminate the spread of Covid-19. Which was converted in English as ‘Project shield, the main idea includes information sharing, testing as well as their analysis, testing and also preparing the infrastructure for quarantine individuals and also their treatment.

Joint Managing Director Sangita Reddy specified that – they are notifying the government that they require to allot 500-bed health centers which we will certainly help take care of. They are currently doing that in Nellore in Andhra and also in Bhubaneswar, where they have also occupied the management of a certain number of beds within big federal government medical facilities.

Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Group and the eldest daughter of the founder, further stated In brief that – While they

hope that community transmission does not take place on a large scale, they need to be prepared for the eventuality. Right now there will be a continous need of specialized treatment for people who are critically sick.

Apollo Hospital has a network of 70 hospitals all over India, with the largest number of isolation and ICU facilities in the private sector, Over 250 beds which can be increased to 500 beds at any point in time if needed. Apollo can give advanced care to over 2,000 patients a month.

Apollo also stated that it has around 1,000 ventilators that could be put into service as and when required.

Apollo Hospitals has actually been training its health workers on the most up to date therapy protocols. Specific officials and staff have been put into service with arrangements for quarantine quarters to house them independently. On the other hand, medicines, consumables, medical facility supplies, negative stress rooms, ventilator as well as extra clinical tools have been obtained or reserved with suppliers to fulfill any kind of boost sought after. Preetha Reddy additionally stated that they have additionally ensured the equipping of PPE for all our staff.

Dr. Prathap C. Reddy stated that they are closely following the Singapore model where no healthcare worker died. They reiterated the importance of govt creating large separate hospitals for handling Covid-19. The lockdown is significantly going to help flatten the COVID casualty curve.

17 fever clinics and sample collection centers are there which will essentially be OP clinics that will look at the symptoms only. The picture is still not clear on the pricing of the facilities though for the testing there is a price cap of Rs 4,500.

Shobana Kamineni who is  Executive Vice Chairperson of Apollo Hospitals Group stated that – 3,800 Apollo pharmacies across 18 states will be pressed into action with all the medication, consumables and supplements. Stocks have been doubled and prices will be strictly monitored. Home delivery capability also has been enhanced. It is estimated that the capacity can be ramped up from the 500,000 people served on a daily basis to 1 million if required.

She also referred to “Apollo Hospitals designed AI-based Coronavirus Risk Assessment scan for screening and initial assessment, which is available in the form of an app and on the following website: The Risk assessment scan is available in six regional languages and will guide individuals about the potential risk of having the virus through simple interactive questions. Based on the risk level, people are guided to contact the certified help center.

She likewise spoke about the screening and also seclusion facilities as well as claimed four molecular screening centers geared up with all the RNA isolation, RT-PCR devices as well as the sets are operational and also there are 17 high-temperature facilities and also sample collection centers. Most Apollo centers have been cleared for COVID-19 testing, the full infrastructure is expected to be in place and full-scale testing is to start by the end of March. There will certainly be a stipulation for house collection of examples as well as Drive With Testing. The in-hospital screening will certainly be inhibited with the exception of inpatients.

She further said that the company will be further launching “Project Stay I” which an innovative strategy to create medical rooms in hotels/hostels with light medical supervision for quarantine and creating a barrier before people come into the hospitals.

With ‘Project Stay-I’ Apollo expects to help over 10,000-15,000 patients in a month and prevent over 50 lakh infections, Sangita Reddy said. They are working with the government and will be able to share more details by Saturday as they launch Stage 1 of ‘Project Stay -I.



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