Apotek Makes Pill From Pollutants
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Apotek Makes Pill From Pollutants

Hyderabad is a hub for pharmaceutical manufacturing. That pollutants from these factories enter water bodies, poisoning them and posing a danger to people and the environment

It is indeed ironical that the process of making life-saving drugs results in exposing thousands of people to deadly diseases and health issues.

Apotek Hjartat, a Swedish pharmaceutical company, came up with an ingenious campaign – they made a ‘pill’ out of the pharmaceutical pollutants found in Hyderabad’s waters. They took 100 liters of water samples from water bodies in the vicinity of many pharmaceutical factories and analyzed it for six months along with the Research Institutes of Sweden.

Apotek Makes Pill From Pollutants- How Does The New Pill Help?

To prove just how many active ingredients make their way into water bodies from drug-manufacturing companies, Apotek extracted these pollutants from the contaminated water samples, and made a pill called ‘Sordidum Pharmacum.’

This pill isn’t for consumption; of course, it is a commentary on just what people who have to use these water sources are exposed to daily.

The substances included Opioids, Fluconazole (Medicine for treating fungal infections), Levetiracetam (Medicine for treating epilepsy), Nevirapine (HIV medicine), Losartan (Medicine for

treating high blood pressure) and Anastrozole (Used for treating breast cancer).

When pharmaceutical companies let out such untreated waste into water bodies, it leads to a host of problems – diseases in flora and fauna, health issues including skin diseases and cancer in people who use this water, and also antibiotic resistance.

Apotek Makes Pill From Pollutants- The Campaign By Apotek

Apotek also made a short video based on its research and findings. The video introduces Sordidum Pharmacum. Have A Look!

Apotek’s resultant campaign to make pharmaceutical manufacturing companies more responsible is called ‘a hard pill to swallow.’



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