Chemical Science Online Test Series

Chemical Science Online Test Series – CSIR NET Dec 2019

Chemical Science CSIR NET Dec 2019 Exam is scheduled to be conducted this year in the month of December. Many students look for online test series & mock test papers for CSIR NET Chemical science in order to practice questions asked in CSIR NET Chemical Science exam and also get a feel of the exam. Rasayanika in collaboration with Biotecnika brings to you a complete package of CSIR NET Chemical Science Online test series – CHEMNET 2019 specially designed with CSIR NET Chemical science exam point of you – to you a real-time exam like feeling.

How does CHEMNET – CSIR NET Chemical Science Test Series Work?

It is an online test series which will be available every Sunday as per the schedule mentioned below. It is specially designed with negative markings to give you an exam like feel. The CHEMNET Test series has been divided into unit wise Test Series, so that you master all the important topics & questions from all the units of CSIR NET Chemical Science Syllabus.

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CSIR NET Chemical Science Online Test Series Schedule – CHEMNET Dec 2019

Date Test Code Topic
18th Aug 2019 CHEMNET 0 Complete Syllabus
18th Aug 2019 CHEMNET 1
  1. Chemical periodicity,
  2. Basic principles of quantum mechanics,
  3. IUPAC nomenclature
25th Aug 2019 CHEMNET 2
  1. Structure and bonding
  2. Quantum mechanics
  3. Principles of stereochemistry
1st Sept 2019 CHEMNET 3
  1. Concepts of acids and bases
  2. Atomic structure and spectroscopy
  3. Aromaticity
8th Sept 2019 CHEMNET 4
  1. Main group elements
  2. Chemical bonding
  3. Organic reactive intermediates
22nd Sept 2019 CHEMNET 5
  1. Transition elements and coordination compounds
  2. Chemical applications of group theory
  3. Organic reaction mechanisms
29th Sept 2019 CHEMNET 6 – Chemical Science Online Test Series
  1. Inner transition elements
  2. Molecular spectroscopy
  3. Common named reactions and rearrangements
13th Oct 2019 CHEMNET 7
  1. Organometallic compounds
  2. Chemical thermodynamics
  3. Organic transformations and reagents
20th Oct 2019 CHEMNET 8
  1. Cages and metal clusters
  2. Statistical thermodynamics
  3. Concepts in organic synthesis
3rd Nov 2019 CHEMNET 9
  1. Analytical chemistry
  2. Electrochemistry
  3. Asymmetric synthesis
10th Nov 2019 CHEMNET 10
  1. Bioinorganic chemistry
  2. Chemical kinetics
  3. Pericyclic reactions
17th Nov 2019 CHEMNET 11 – Chemical Science Online Test Series
  1. Characterization of inorganic compounds
  2. Colloids and surfaces
  3. Synthesis and reactivity of common heterocyclic compounds
24th Nov 2019 CHEMNET 12
  1. Nuclear chemistry
  2. Solid-state
  3. Chemistry of natural products
1st Dec 2019 CHEMNET 13
  1. Polymer chemistry
  2. Data analysis
  3. Structure determination of organic compounds
8th Dec 2019 CHEMNET 14 Complete Syllabus


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