International Research Fellowship For Pharma & Chemistry Candidates

International Research Fellowship For Pharma & Chemistry Candidates

International Research Fellowship For Pharma & Chemistry Candidates

Indian nationals are encouraged to apply for the Orion Research Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship program is for Pharma and chemistry candidates.

Eligibility and Grant Details:

Grants are designated for medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and natural sciences related to those, such as chemistry and physics,

1) for researchers with a doctorate (completed in the five years running up to 10 September 2018 *)), for the continuation of research (maximum EUR 50,000) and
2) for young scientists without a doctorate, for scientific research (maximum EUR 5,000).


The Foundation does not award travel grants, for example for travel to congresses. The smaller grants (maximum EUR 5,000) are always personal grants and not for expenditure. Research abroad with the grant is appreciated. The applicant shall attach the engagement letter from a place of performance for research of post-doctorate grant.

Grant Period:

The grant application period is between 1 August and 10 September 2018. It is not possible to make changes to applications after they have been submitted. The decisions on grants will be published towards the end of 2018 on the Research Foundation’s website. The grants will be paid out in December 2018.
For enquiries regarding grants, please contact Anu Imppola, Manager of the Research Foundation, telephone +358 10 426 3803.

How To Apply:

apply by filling in the electronic form on the Foundation’s website ( The application form is to be filled in using Finnish, Swedish or English. The Foundation does not take additional attachments or recommendation letters into account. An applicant may receive EUR 50,000 grant once and maximum 5,000 grant a maximum of two times.

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Application Form


Deadline applied as Academy of Finland has defined Applicant shall give clarification for surpassing the deadline of five years in CV.


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