Abbott introduces AlinIQ to help labs deliver greater operational productivity


Abbott announced the global launch of AlinIQ, the first in a series of new innovations that Abbott will be bringing to diagnostics customers around the world over the next few years. AlinIQ is a first-of-its-kind professional services and informatics solution that will enable labs to deliver greater overall productivity with their existing resources.

In addition to AlinIQ, Abbott is preparing to launch next-generation systems in point of care testing, immunoassay, clinical chemistry, hematology, blood screening and molecular diagnostics. Each system will be built with a consistent system design and intuitive interface, along with flexible automation, to provide Abbott’s customers a unified experience from system to system.

AlinIQ was created to help labs adapt to these challenges, address cost pressures and highlight the value that diagnostics testing brings to the health care system. Abbott’s researchers, engineers and designers worked side-by-side with laboratorians around the world to develop AlinIQ, which includes four key offerings that combine professional service experts with processes and tools:

Proactive, preventive services: The AlinIQ Always On services deliver predictive alerts to labs, enabling the detection and prevention of instrument downtime up to three days in advance.

Data harmonization services: The AlinIQ AMS (Analyzer Management System) provides labs and

hospital networks the ability to integrate different software systems into a single standardized platform to optimize sample processing time, workflow efficiency and quality results.

Operational services: The AlinIQ BIS (Business Intelligence System) provides the tools to optimize throughput and capacity of existing systems to help labs absorb volume increases without additional budget. By delivering intelligent insights, AlinIQ BIS helps labs improve operations and operational expense performance and communicate the lab’s value to the broader health care organisation.

Inventory optimization and product availability services: The AlinIQ IMS (Inventory Management System), which combines innovative RFID technology and streamlined process consulting, allows labs to get ahead of operational needs, helping avoid shortages of critical items, reduce waste and time taken for manual processes.


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