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Can CRISPR be used therapeutically in humans?

Not currently, and it’s entirely possible that it will never be usable in humans. As far as gene editing technologies go, CRISPR is simple to design because it only needs two components to function: a CRSIPR nuclease protein (usually recombinant Cas9 from the bacterial species S. pyogenes) and a short …

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Does it make sense that we use radiation to “cure” certain cancers, but we can get cancer from radiation?

First of all, we have to know that, Radiation basically damages the DNA, which is some kind of “instruction manual” of cells. In uncontrolled radioactive events (e.g nuclear explosion, long-therm sunbathing etc.), your whole body exposed damaging radiation. This radiation, distrupt the “instruction manuals” of your healthy cells. The distruption …

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