IIT Bhubaneswar PhD Programme 2024-25

IIT Bhubaneswar PhD Programme 2024-25 (Autumn Semester) Admissions Open! Apply Now!

IIT Bhubaneswar PhD Programme 2024-25 (Autumn Semester) Admissions Open! Apply Now! Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

IIT Bhubaneswar PhD Programme 2024-25 (Autumn Semester) Admissions Open! Apply Now! Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar invites application for admission to Ph.D. Programme from eligible candidates for the year 2024-25 (Autumn Semester) in the following categories:

  1. Institute PhD Scholar
  2. Sponsored PhD Scholar a. Sponsored by External Organization b. Sponsored GoI Fellowship c. Sponsored Research project under IIT Bhubaneswar
  3. Joint MSc-PhD Students of IIT Bhubaneswar (For Autumn Session admission only)
  4. Institute Staff Category (IIT Bhubaneswar)

Opening date for online application: 16th March, 2024

Last date for submission of online application: 15th April, 2024 11:00 PM

Research Areas (please click on the below URLs):

I. School of Basic Sciences: https://www.iitbbs.ac.in/basic-sciencs-research-msphd.php?code=bs

Broad Research Areas (Ph.D. Admission): Chemistry

Thrust Areas in Biochemistry and Biophysical Chemistry (i) Protein Chemistry & Spectroscopy, Structure-Function Elucidation of Various Small Heat Shock Proteins Related to Different Diseases (Cataract, Leprosy and Tuberculosis). (ii) AAA+ATPase, Screening and validation of Antibacterial

and Anticancer drugs

Thrust Areas in Inorganic Chemistry(i) Synthesis and Coordination Aspects of Homo and Heterometallic Complexes; Metal Based Anticancer/Imaging Agents; Functional Materials and Luminescent Materials; Nanoparticle Based Sensors. (ii) Coordination Chemistry with an application of magnetic materials, Supramolecular assembly, MRI contrast agents, Fluorescent Chemosensors for biological molecules, ions, hazardous chemicals and explosives.
Ionic liquids as electrolytes for Lithium Ion Batteries

Thrust Areas in Organic Chemistry (i) Heterocyclic Chemistry, Asymmetric synthesis using chiral pool approach; Enantioselective catalysis and new reaction methods; New molecular entities with biological properties; Dipolar Cycloadditions; C-H functionalization, Pericyclic reactions, Metathesis, Umpolung chemistry, Radical chemistry, traditional & newer functional group transformations for application in marine alkaloids synthesis, terpenoids and polyketide based natural products, Anticancer and Antimicrobial activities of plant-derived natural products. (ii) Carbohydrate Chemistry, novel synthetic methods development, Bioactive Natural and Unnatural Products synthesis (iii) Supramolecular Chemistry, Molecular Recognition through Solid State; Metal- Organic and Covalent Open Frame (MOF and COF) Compounds. (iv) Polymer chemistry: Synthesis of Chiral Polymers and their applications in chiral induction; Synthesis of Achiral and Chiral Resins and their applications in synthesis; PIL stabilized metal nanoparticles and their applications; Polyelectrolyte-DNA interaction studies; PILs for gas separation membranes; Synthesis of MIPs and resins for nuclear waste treatment; Synthesis of (RAFT derived) ionic, pH, temperature and solvent responsive homo- and block copolymers towards their self-assembling for drug delivery. (v) Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Peptides using CD, Fluorescence, ITC and NMR. Redesigning known drugs for other Therapeutic applications. (vi) Enabling technologies for organic synthesis: Photocatalysis, Synthetic organic electrochemistry, Photoelectrochemistry, Transition metal catalysis, flow chemistry. (vii) Hydrogels, nanocatalysts and electrodes for water splitting and other electrochemical reactions, responsive polymer networks, self healing and shape memory polymers, development of solid electrolytes and flexible electronics devices, batteries and actuators

Thrust Areas in Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (i) Time-resolved spectroscopy on molecules and materials: Developing spectroscopic tools and photomaterials; Harvesting triplets from Singlet fission; Photophysics of thermally activated delayed fluorescence; Long- range charge separation in emerging photomaterials. (ii) Molecular modelling; Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations. (iii) Development and application of multi-configurational Quantum Mechanical Methods to study energetics and dynamics of bound and transient states; Investigation of photochemical reactions in the non-adiabatic (“beyond-Born- Oppenheimer”) realm; Computational modelling of chemical reactions using quantum mechanical (QM) and mixed quantum mechanical – molecular mechanical (QM/MM) methods; Investigation of bacterial resistance toward beta-lactam based antibiotic drugs using QM/MM methods.

II. School of Earth, Ocean & Climate Sciences: https://www.iitbbs.ac.in/earth-ocean-research-msphd.php?code=oc

III. School of Electrical Sciences: https://www.iitbbs.ac.in/electrical-broad-area-phd.php?code=es

IV. School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management: https://www.iitbbs.ac.in/humanities-research-msphd.php?code=hs

V. School of Infrastructure (Civil Engineering): https://www.iitbbs.ac.in/infrastructure-area-of-research.php?code=if

VI. School of Mechanical Sciences: https://www.iitbbs.ac.in/mechanical-msphdareas.php?code=ms

VII. School of Minerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering: https://www.iitbbs.ac.in/minerals-metallurgical-and-materails-msphd.php?code=mm

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Application:

An interested candidate meeting the below listed category wise minimum eligibility criteria may apply for the PhD programme. The minimum eligibility criteria do not guarantee either shortlisting or selection, for the admission. Applications not meeting minimum eligibility criteria will be rejected without any intimation and the application fee will not be refunded.

The minimum eligibility criteria refer to the minimum academic qualification to be met by the applicant at the time of applying for the admission. Relaxation up to 5% marks in all academic examinations is permitted only for SC/ST/PwD candidate categories, over General/OBC(NCL) categories, as per Govt. of India (GoI) guidelines. This is applicable to applicants under both Institute and Sponsored PhD Scholar categories.

Candidates possessing the minimum eligibility criteria are eligible to receive Institute Research Assistantship or UGC/CSIR-NET Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) or any other doctoral fellowship offered by Govt. of India (GoI), as applicable, on joining the PhD programme.

Category 1 – Institute PhD Scholar:

Institute PhD Scholar refers to the PhD student who receives Institute Research Assistantship sanctioned by the Ministry of Education (MoE) and offered through the institute. Eligibility criteria for different schools are as follows:

School wise Eligibility Criteria:

School of Basic Sciences (SBS):

  1. Minimum 60% marks or 6.5 CGPA (in a 10-point scale) in Master’s or equivalent degree in appropriate disciplines.
  2. Minimum 60% marks or 6.5 CGPA (in a 10-point scale) required in all other examinations from Class 10 onwards. A single relaxation up to 5% marks in secondary/higher-secondary/bachelor’s degree/equivalent is permitted.
  3. The candidate must be GATE or CSIR-UGC NET (LS) or JAM or JEST qualified in an appropriate discipline.

In addition, the following categories of candidates will be automatically shortlisted (they need not be GATE/CSIR-UGC NET (LS) qualified) to appear for the written test:

i. B.Tech. and Dual Degree /Equivalent students of IIT Bhubaneswar and other IITs having CGPA >= 8.0

ii. IISc M.Tech/M.Sc. degree holders with CGPA>=8.5

Category 2 – Sponsored PhD Scholar:

There are three types of sponsored PhD scholars in the institute (Self-sponsored category are not to be considered). Eligibility criteria for each of these categories are as follows.

  1. Sponsored by External Organization:

PhD scholars joining under this category do not receive any financial support from the institute. They must be in continuous service for at least three (3) years in any one of the following categories of organizations where appropriate R&D facilities exist:

a. Departments and Ministries of the GoI or any other government organizations
b. Established industrial research and developmental organizations
c. Recognized autonomous bodies and public undertakings
d. Recognized universities/colleges.
e. Established industries

Candidates under this category need not be GATE or CSIR-UGC NET (LS) qualified. All other academic qualifications under Category 1 apply to these candidates. Candidates must submit Sponsorship Certificates as per the prescribed format at the time of application; otherwise their applications will not be considered.

  1. Sponsored GoI Doctoral Fellowship (CSIR—UGC, DST-INSPIRE, DBT, ICMR etc.):

Candidates having CSIR-UGC NET (JRF) or any other doctoral fellowship offered by GoI are eligible to apply under this category. PhD scholars joining under this category receive financial support from respective GoI doctoral fellowships. They must meet the same minimum academic qualification applicable for Institute PhD Scholar as under Category 1. These candidates need not be GATE qualified.

  1. Sponsored Research Project under IIT Bhubaneswar:

Persons who possess the minimum prescribed qualifications as mentioned in Category 1 and are already working in a sponsored project of the Institute as JRF/SRF/equivalent availing minimum fellowship as that of Institute PhD scholar shall be eligible for applying to the Ph.D. program under this category. These candidates must be GATE or CSIR-UGC NET (LS) or JAM OR JEST qualified.

For this category of candidates, the followings also apply:

A. They receive assistantship from the fund available in the project under the personnel/manpower budget head (to be referred as Project Fund now onwards) and the fellowship amount is at least equal to that of Institute PhD scholar.

B. The remaining period of the project fund (in a single project) as well as the remaining tenure of the same project should be at least 2 years (duration of the project can be relaxed upto 6 months upon recommendation of the PI & Head) from the date of enrollment in the PhD program in the Autumn/Spring Semester as per the academic calendar (if selected).

Category 3 – Joint MSc-PhD Students of IIT Bhubaneswar (only for Autumn Semesters admission)
(Refer to MSc regulation – Modalities for Enrolment in PhD Programme for more detail):

This programme is applicable for bright and motivated students pursuing MSc programmes at IIT Bhubaneswar. Applicants must have completed third semester. Students securing CGPA >= 8.5 after their third semester are automatically shortlisted for appearing the selection test for joining the PhD programme in the following Autumn semester. They are required to submit a declaration towards joining the PhD program within two weeks of declaration of the third semester result. Students who have not submitted the said declaration in time will not be considered for selection test.

Their selection test will be conducted along with the Autumn semester PhD admission of the institute. There will be a discipline wise cap of 10% of the sanctioned strength (rounded upward) on the number of students who can avail this option. They will be enrolled for the PhD programme in the Autumn semester, if selected after the selection tests.

Category 4 – Institute Staff Category (IIT Bhubaneswar)
(Refer to Ph.D regulation – Appendix-V Rules relating to enrolment of members of Non-Teaching staff):

Members of non-teaching staff (working in permanent capacity, including technical and non-technical) may be permitted to join the Ph.D. programme of the Institute provided, that prior permission i.e, No Objection Certificate (NOC) has been obtained from the Competent Authority before admission to the program.

For admission to the program, a member of staff must fulfill the prescribed norms and in the qualifying examination, he/she must have obtained at least the percentage of marks/grade/CGPA as prescribed under category-1. The prescribed minimum qualification for admission to the Ph.D. program and other details are given under category-1. The candidate need not be a GATE/UGC-NET/CSIR-NET qualified.

  1. Shortlisting Criteria:

The candidate must fulfil the minimum eligibility criterion as specified in Section-1. School may fix additional criterion in terms of marks / score. Moreover, school may put additional criterion in terms of discipline/branch of the candidate at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

In addition, the following categories of candidates will be automatically shortlisted (they need not be GATE/CSIR-UGC NET (LS) qualified) to appear for the written test:

i. B.Tech. and Dual Degree /Equivalent students of IIT Bhubaneswar and other IITs having CGPA >= 8.0

ii. IISc M.Tech/M.Sc. degree holders with CGPA>=8.5

Selection Procedure:

All shortlisted Ph.D applicants including sponsored and Institute staff category (IIT Bhubaneswar) candidates will have to appear the written test and interview. The Ph.D. selection to be based on 40% weightage in a written test and 60% weightage in an interview. The Schools can fix cut-offs for written test and interview based upon the requirements. The final selection will be based on combined performances in the written test and interview.

Application Fee:

  • For General, General (EWS) and OBC Candidates: R500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only)
  • For SC/ST/PwD Candidates: R250/- (Rupees Two Hundred Fifty Only)


  • Application Fee (Non- refundable): USD 50 for all category (Foreign Nationals).
  • Application fee once paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Female candidates are exempted from payment of application fee.
  • Mere fulfilment of minimum eligibility criteria does not entitle a candidate to be shortlisted.


Query relating to admission: Academic Section Email ID: [email protected] Contact No. 0674 – 7134466

Query relating to Technical issues with Online Application Process (Submission of Application Form): ERP Team Email ID: [email protected] Phone: 0674 – 7138615

Query relating to payment Application Fee (online): Accounts Section Email ID: [email protected] Contact No – 0674-7134563


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