Summer Research Internship 2024

Summer Research Internship 2024 – SRIP at IITGN, Apply Online

Summer Research Internship 2024 – SRIP at IITGN, Apply Online. Summer Research Internship Program IIT Gandhinagar for eligible candidates with a weekly stipend. Summer Research Internship Program at IIT Gandhinagar. Interested applicants with relevant qualifications are encouraged to apply online for the Summer Internship Program. Make sure you check out all of the details on the same below –

This call expires in –

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The flagship program strives to bring motivated students from prominent institutions across the country right here on our campus. It will allow undergraduate and master students to participate in cutting-edge research projects; they undergo mentorship by IITGN faculty and get exposure to the state-of-the-art laboratories and instrumentation facilities available on campus.


For whom (Eligibility): Students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree at a prominent institution in India.

Duration:  At least 8 weeks within the summer break of IITGN. The last date for receiving applications is March 5, 2024.


  • Applicants are required to work with an IITGN faculty. Applicants are advised to review the list of participating faculty along with the description of projects being offered.
  • Applicants may apply for internships based on their interests and prior experience. They are free to apply for projects outside of their declared degree specializations.
  • Applicants will be required to make a presentation to the institute and submit a report at the end of the tenure.

In the present scenario, SRIP 2024 will be conducted in the offline mode.

In-person/offline mode:  In this mode, the students are expected to work on the project in person and interact with the faculty mentor on a regular basis while staying on campus. This mode is open to all students (Internal and External). The interns will be entitled to receive a stipend and a certificate on successful completion of the internship.

Provisions for student interns (in-person mode):

  • Weekly stipend of Rs. 2000 will be paid after completion of the internship. The stipend for faculty funded projects, however, may vary.
  • Hostel accommodation will be provided to the summer interns and students are required to pay the applicable hostel charges.

Application Procedure:

Click here for details of SRIP 2024

Note: Applicants should not send the hardcopy of the filled application form to IITGN

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a native of India, presently studying abroad. Can I apply for SRIP?

Yes. You are welcome to apply.

I am interested in more than one project in SRIP. Am I allowed to apply?

Yes. You need to apply separately for each project. Multiple applications are permitted if you are applying to different projects.

I gave incorrect data while filling up the application form. Can I re-apply?

Yes. You can re-apply with the correct data again.

Is SRIP open to UG students of all years?

Students in the first, second and third years of UG studies are encouraged to apply. Students in their first year of PG studies can also apply.

Can I contact individual faculty regarding projects floated by them in SRIP?

One can search the internet to find more details about projects floated. You are not supposed to mail the faculty regarding this after applying. Such emails will be ignored.

When can I know the results of the selection process?

The SRIP results are expected to be announced on the SRIP website and the emails will be sent to the selected interns by the end of March.

I am available for less than 8 weeks this summer. Can I apply to SRIP?

No. A minimum commitment of 8 weeks is mandatory for SRIP.

Will I get a certificate on completion of SRIP?

All students who have successfully completed SRIP according to their faculty guides will be provided certificates towards the end.

What is the basis of selection in this internship programme?

The candidate’s overall profile is reviewed including academic background, performance, research interests, alignment with proposed projects and prior experience if any.

What should I write in the Statement of Purpose?

You may write what your research interests are, why do want to intern at IITGN; and how you will be able to contribute to the particular research project based on your previous exposure /training during your undergraduate programme.

Can I start working on the project before arriving at IITGN?

The student is encouraged to work on the project even before arriving at IITGN. This will give him/her a good head start. The student will be required to submit a research proposal one week after arriving at IITGN, so this early work may be very helpful.

Is the Poster presentation a must for all the interns?

For the students of IIT Gandhinagar, a poster presentation towards the end of SRIP is mandatory. However, external interns are encouraged to participate in this activity to present their work and interact with the larger viewers.

Is the SRIP report submission mandatory?

Yes, at the end of 8 weeks duration period, the SRIP report should be submitted by all the interns.

Is the IITGN campus accessible to differently-abled persons?

Yes. The campus environment is friendly for differently-abled persons and allows them to have independent mobility and functioning. It is equipped with special facilities like ramps, rails, and special lavatories to suit the needs of differently-abled persons.

Is the IITGN campus safe for women?

Yes. The campus atmosphere is very safe for girls/women with good residential facilities. It encourages girl students to pursue higher education without any bias/discrimination.

Can I get Hostel accommodation during the internship?

Yes. The current Hostel accommodation charges are INR 175/- per day. All summer interns must pay the hostel charges.

How much stipend is provided to the interns?

A weekly SRIP stipend of INR 2000/- for a minimum 8 weeks duration of internship at IITGN, is provided to most of the interns. However, this amount may vary for faculty funded interns.

How are the SRIP interns supported financially?

Most students are supported through the resources available with IIT Gandhinagar. Some students are also supported through research projects by the faculty members.

How is the selection made?

Individual faculty members identify the most suitable candidate for their projects.


Check back and apply for the internship once the link is accessible

APPLICATION STARTS: February 10, 2024 onwards

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