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Syngenta Research Scientist Formulation Development – Apply Now

Location: Goa, India

Type: Full-time

As a world market leader in crop protection, we help farmers to counter these threats and ensure enough safe, nutritious, affordable food for all – while minimizing the use of land and other agricultural inputs. Syngenta Crop Protection keeps plants safe from planting to harvesting. From the moment a seed is planted through to harvest, crops need to be protected from weeds, insects and diseases as well as droughts and floods, heat and cold. Syngenta Crop Protection is headquartered in Switzerland.

Job Description

This role requires > 6 years of experience working in the areas of pesticide/agrochemical formulation development and able to work in the formulation lab.

  • Lead the development of Crop Protection formulations
  • To formulate, generate scientific / technical data using established systems, procedures, and protocols in an area of work delegated by the manager.
  • Define the experimental programme that include the development of new pesticide formulations, procedures/standards.
  • To interpret data in order to make contributions to decisions in the work programme content, procedures, or problem solution.
  • Engages directly with other functions to co-ordinate delivery of project outputs (e.g. product biology, regulatory, procurement team, engineering team, packaging etc) with the support of a leader.
  • Report on work, including recommendations to project team or sub-project team leader.
  • Participate in regional and global technical / project teams
  • Will represent the formulation development work/status at every developmental stage to global peer review team and adhere to project timelines.


  • To plan, organise and carry out the work programmes at the laboratory, semi-technical, pilot plant or manufacturing scale to design novel pesticide formulation options in order to:
    • prove the suitability for progression through Stage C and D Evaluation and Development
    • provide Product Chemistry type and or supporting data, and
    • provide the formulation design input required to define the process equipment and quality assurance requirements to timescales and specifications agreed with the Team or Group Leader.
  • Ensure the quality of Evaluation and Development formulations by arranging for biological efficacy, toxicology, and hazard assessment studies to be carried out in other Functions.
  • Provide advice and recommendations to allow appropriate selection of formulation manufacturing sites for individual products, together with the product design inputs required to define the process equipment and quality assurance requirements.
  • To interpret and represent to project members external to the function, experimental data and report results and conclusions obtained both orally and in written form to allow cogent and timely Stage C and D project decisions, Regulatory submissions and accurate information archiving and transfer for future commercial manufacturing activities.
  • To ensure that work by the job holder and subordinate staff comply with Syngenta standard operating procedures and statutory regulations (e.g. GLP or similar).
  • To ensure that the jobholder and subordinate staff work safely and healthy with due care for others, so that compliance with Syngenta’s HSE Policy is achieved.
  • To invest in personal and professional development and growth, undertaking, where appropriate, training and development activities and ensuring familiarity with new research and literature.
  • Ensure maintaining complete confidentiality of all Syngenta intellectual property.
  • Interact with the global formulation community in order to better solve common problems and to define improved processes



Critical knowledge and experience 

  • Master’s degree in Pesticide/Agrochemical chemistry must/preferable from reputed universities with strong academic records and good communication skills with > 6 years of industrial experience in field of pesticide formulation development as a formulation development chemist preferred.
  • Thorough knowledge of pesticides, pesticide formulation types and techniques required in formulation development.
  • Sound understanding of agrochemical formulations / Coformulations / Fillers is a must

Critical technical, professional, and personal capabilities

  • Ability to efficiently build up laboratory works and experiments
  • Ability to effectively participation in- and contribute to regional / global multi-functional teams
  • Ability to deliver to agreed timelines
  • Excellent operational, organisational, interpersonal and computer skills
  • Sensitive to different cultural environments
  • Self-motivating

Critical leadership capabilities

  • Communicative
    • We deliver clear messages to our stakeholders
    • We are keen to listen and learn
  • Team Oriented
    • We model commitment
    • We support team process improvement
    • We collaborate effectively across organisational and functional boundaries
  • Results Oriented
    • We focus on goal achievement
    • We stay focused
  • Customer Focused
    • We seek to understand our customers
    • We build collaborative relationships
  • Trusted
    • We demonstrate support for others

Critical success factors and key challenges

  • This role will involve taking a lead role in the development of new formulations by generating potential formulation options through the design of appropriate experimental work programs to thoroughly optimise and test these according to the formulation development process.
  • This will include the analysis of experimental data in order to make inputs to the decisions on the direction of the work programmes within the project.
  • The job holder will need to have experience of different formulation types as well as a full range of broader requirements in formulation development such as product application, manufacturing processes, etc.
  • To deliver highest quality results in optimal time and maintain highest standards of HSE

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