"Aditya Birla Hiring: Assistant Manager Position in Quality Control (PF)"

Aditya Birla Hiring – Cement organization in West Bengal, India is hiring for the position of Assistant Manager in Quality Control (PF).

Job Description

Job Purpose:

To achieve Cement production as per budgeted target and consistently high quality at lower cost within the desired parameters with all safety norms and Minimize Power consumption by Optimum Mill to reduce downtime.

Key Result Areas:

  • Business Delivery:
    • a) Cost
    • b) Efficiency
    • c) Reliability

Key Result Areas

  • 1.TPH enhancement by grinding media reradiation and process parameter optimization.
  • 2. Power reduction by daily monitoring and analysis of energy in system
  • 3.Cost reduction in Raw material handling
  • 4.Cost reduction in S&S.
  • 5.Measurements of test result; St. deviation <2%
  • 6. Marinating All quality norms as per BIS & ABG standards
  • 7. Checking quality of incoming Raw material

Sustainability & Resource Management

  • (Energy, Water, AFR, Paper, Environment, Social wellbeing, zero plastic, bio-diversity, recycle resources, ecological, clean water, health & hygiene Mgt, CSR)
  • 1.Timely inform to concern department for leakage and spillage at site and BF condition.
  • 2.Stacking of raw material in proper way.
  • 3. Production of green cement with 35% fly ash addition.
  • 4. maximum use of activated gypsum in cement to increase conversion ratio.
  • 5. Maximum use of pond ash maintaining quality benchmark


  • a) To improve safety performance – No LWC/ Fatality
  • i) Numbers
  • ii) % reduction
  • b) % Reduction in LTIFR over LY
  • c) House Keeping
  • 1. To Ensure Zero Fatality & Zero LTI, 20% Reduction in TRIFR, CFSA SI- 1.5
  • 2. 100% Implementation of Process Safety Management.
  • 3. 100% Implementation of MOC.
  • 4. 100% Compliance to COVID precaution SOP in respective area/site
  • 5. Carry out WTI 12/Month & Job Cycle Checks (JCC) as per requirement & SBO 2/Month
  • 6. House Keeping. 80%
  • 7. Ensure 100% manpower is trained for given job and participated in tool box talk.
  • 8. Ensure 100% compliance to PTW/SWP before starting the Work
  • 9. 100 % compliance of TPSA,FPSA points.

Learning & Development

  • a) Develop Self & Team
  • b) No. of hours spent
  • c) No. of persons ready for the next role
  • d) Talent Management (HIPO)
  • 1. 100% compliance of self-development – MDP
  • 2. Daily 1 hrs to be spent for self-development.
  • 3. 2 Nos new persons to be develop for next role.
  • 4. Team development.

Strategic Projects / Innovation

  • 1. Involving in commissioning of the RP in Mill2 along with all safety implementation from the beginning stage.
  • 2. Implementation of ISO System in lab
  • 3. Raw material handling cost optimization by continuous follow up and maintaining record.
  • 4. RP to be run smoothly.


Bachelor Of Science, Master of Chemical Engineering

Minimum Experience Level: 7-9 Years

Report to: Officer

Link to Original Notification to Apply: Click here


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