"Exciting Job Opportunity: Join Aragen's Organic Chemistry Research Team in Hyderabad!"

Organic Chemistry Research Job at Aragen

Welcome to Aragen! We are a leading research and development company specializing in organic chemistry solutions. Currently, we are looking for a Research Associate to join our Chemistry Solutions department in Hyderabad, India.


Hyderabad, India


Chemistry Solutions


This role is responsible for executing chemicals reactions to synthesize required quantities of molecules / compounds as per client specifications using efficient route and techniques.


Set-up and execute reactions for synthesis of target molecules/ compounds:

  • Understand the project requirements as specified by the client, the synthetic route
  • Understand and discuss the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) with team members
  • Identify and mitigate any potential safety risk with the help of supervisor
  • Plan and execute reactions with proper reagents and equipment (glassware, stirrers, vacuum pumps etc.) maintaining specified conditions (temperature, pressure etc.), with optimum usage and minimum wastage
  • Ensure parallel execution of multiple reactions
  • Monitor the reaction by observing progress by using analytical techniques
  • Identify and execute appropriate workup and purification technique to produce an intermediary / final compound of desired quality
  • Analyze analytical data, evaluate and interpret results from the synthesis and report
  • Meet productivity benchmarks on number of reactions / number of steps / number of compounds / quality / compounds purity / project timelines

Ensure safety at work through enforcement of good laboratory practices:

  • Follow safety and quality systems in the labs
  • Maintenance and usage of equipment/apparatus/instruments as per SOPs and general housekeeping norms

Maintain records, data integrity and IP confidentiality:

  • Document reactions executed, research findings/ observations accurately in lab notr books as per client requirements to ensure data integrity
  • Maintain strict IP confidentiality and adhere to all related policies
  • To prepare final reports as required

Ensure high morale and skill development of team:

  • Improve knowledge of organic chemistry (particularly synthesis) / Analytical techniques etc. through ono on one discussions with supervisor/ regular classroom trainings/ project trainings/ further education programs etc.

Functional/ Technical Skills

  • Knowledge of Chemistry & Execution
  • Knowledge of Safety Protocols
  • Knowledge of IP & Confidentiality and Data Integrity
  • Ability to conduct cost benefit analysis and optimum usage of resources

Required Educational Qualification & Relevant experience

Msc (Organic/ Medicinal Chemistry) with 1 – 5 years of relevant experience

Additional Requirements

Candidates with their research publications in leading journals would be preferred.

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