Get Hired as a Pepsi Chemistry QC Coordinator – Apply Now!

"Get Hired as a Pepsi Chemistry QC Coordinator - Apply Now!"

Pepsi Chemistry QC Job Recruitment – Apply Online

Pepsi Chemistry QC Job Recruitment – Apply Online. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

At Pepsi, we are committed to ensuring the best quality products and minimizing customer complaints. We are currently hiring for the position of SC QC Coordinator in Pune, India. As a member of our Supply Chain team, you will play a crucial role in implementing quality control systems, conducting online quality checks, and ensuring compliance with Frito Lay standards of quality.

Job Description


Ensuring best quality of product and minimum customer complaints through stringent on-line quality control checks and finished product inspection.

Implementing right quality control systems/standards for the processes, physical systems and environment.

Trouble shooting during online production to minimize wastage and ensure quality.

Responsible for maintaining GMP, GHK GLP and internal / external audits (HACCP, AIB, Personal Hygiene, Process audit).


Conducting Online Quality Checks in the Process Area

  1. Conducting visual inspection for;
    • Ensuring that all key operating parameters of machines are in the specified range (Peelers, Fryers, Slicer for thickness average and range, Chip Conveyors, Seasoning Tumbler)
  2. Ensuring optimum utilization of fryer oil
    • Conducting 4 hourly checks on oil being used for frying for FFA, OV, foreign materials, taste & odor
    • Comparing test results against gold standards oil usage charts
    • Deciding the mix of fresh and blended oil to be used for frying operations
  3. Conducting product weak link analysis according to stipulated frequency
  4. Conducting regular quality wall meetings with S/I, Pkg leader & operatives for discussing quality defects detected online and then deciding the measures to rectify the problems
  5. Ensuring PAE analysis is conducted by operatives every hour for all lines
  6. Ensuring corrective actions are taken for all deviations in quality parameters
  7. Communicating concern areas and corrective actions to the concerned shift in-charge and production manager promptly
  8. Informing the Quality Manager in case test results indicate a crisis situation

Conducting Online Quality Checks and Finished Products’ Inspection in the Packaging Area

  1. Ensuring that the Quality Checkers conduct packaging quality analysis as per laid protocol
  2. Conducting random film quality checks on the basis of any special complaints received from the production department
  3. Communicating concern areas and corrective actions to the concerned operator, shift in-charge and production manager promptly
  4. Consulting the quality manager in case of criticalities
  5. Ensuring that the corrective action is implemented
  6. Product weak-link analysis on 4 hrly basis to evaluate product quality
  7. Driving product Wall evaluation to ascertain product quality status
  8. Partnering with R&D for packaging development

Monitoring Machines in the Process and Packaging Area

  • Calibration of machines like FL-710 that detects moisture and % of oil in the chips after they are fried
  • Ensuring that the slicer blade is changed as per defined frequency
  • Ensuring that the peeler rollers/KKR parts are changed periodically to avoid any impact on product quality
  • Process capability studies are conducted for seasoning system and corrective actions are taken to improve Cp/Cpk in case found low

Maintaining Accurate and Comprehensive Reports

  • Ensuring that the quality checkers make correct entry of leakage & weight in SAP for each shift
  • Circulating shift quality report consisting of key product & packaging quality parameters
  • Ensuring that the operators make PAE recording in assigned format on hourly basis
  • Submitting a Weekly & Monthly Quality Report on key product & packaging quality parameters

Conducting Housekeeping Audit

  • Inspecting the process and packaging area to ensure that the working conditions like lighting, placement of material on the shop floor are as per standard requirements and that there are no unsafe conditions in the plant
  • Ensuring no spillage/unhygienic conditions around equipment
  • Conducting visual inspection to ensure that all the hold material of the previous week is cleared
  • Getting non-compliances rectified before start-up

Handling Hold Material for Minimizing Wastages

  • Ensuring that the hold material is cleared within 48 hours of hold-up
  • Awarding Red, White and Yellow Non Compliance Disposition (NCD) Tags to the hold material after detailed analysis
  • Reporting the status of the tags to the production department stating the reasons for hold-up

Ensuring Adherence to Statutory Laws and Internal Controls

  • Increasing awareness about statutory laws
  • Maintaining accurate statutory records
  • Compliance to I2C key controls

Effective Resolution of Customer Complaints

  • Assisting the quality manager in analyzing root causes of complaint and developing a forward action plan
  • Implementing the action plan
  • Ensuring the complaint does not occur again

Participating in TPM Activities

  • Leading/participating in TPM for various projects undertaken by them

Practicing a Work Culture that Promotes Company Growth

  • Internalizing quality standards and concept of “cost of non-quality”
  • Executing the action plans to institutionalize these
  • Providing regular feedback to the quality manager on culture

Implementing Change Initiatives and Continuous Improvement

  • Identifying areas of improvement and highlighting these to Quality Manager
  • Implementing the action plans developed by the Quality Manager for continuous change
  • Ensure compliance with SOX and perform all roles and responsibilities as a Control Owner of I2C process

Documenting all Quality Procedures and Systems

  • Maintaining accurate and comprehensive reports for communication to all the people concerned
  • Documenting all quality procedures, systems, standards, findings, hazards, and corrective actions systematically

Support in Driving Training Agenda

  • Training to operatives for TPOD, seasoning, oil quality, meal quality, packaging quality
  • Leading LTI initiatives to ensure timely completion of trials and implementation of improved packaging configuration


M.Sc. Chemistry, Food Tech Degree, Post Graduate in Food tech, Post Graduate in dairy technology

2 to 5 years of experience in Food/Beverage/FMCG industry

Exposure to food safety systems and ISO systems

Preferably Knowledge of HACCP/AIB and TPM.


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