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Introduction: Our company is currently looking for a Senior Research Scientist to join our R&D/Discovery Synthesis department in Noida/Greater Noida. As a Senior Research Scientist, you will be responsible for leading a team of chemists in the synthesis, purification, and characterization of chemistry intermediates. You will also collaborate with the team to drive chemistry projects forward and deliver novel chemical entities for drug discovery.

Job Description

Designation: Senior Research Scientist

Job Location: Noida/Greater Noida

Department: R&D/Discovery Synthesis

Level: L2

Key Responsibilities:

  • Synthesis, purification, and characterization of chemistry intermediates.
  • Ability to lead 3-10 chemists.
  • Deliver small to large quantities of lead novel chemical entities for drug discovery.
  • Work collaboratively in a team to drive chemistry projects forward.
  • Responsible for safe laboratory practices.


Ph.D in Organic Chemistry or related field with 4-8 years of industry/post-doc experiences.(foreign PhD+Postdoc)

Technical and Functional Skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of basic and advance organic chemistry.
  • Very good knowledge of functional group conversion and multiple step synthesis.
  • Knowledge of retrosynthetic analysis and route-designing of project.
  • Good team leading skills of 3-8 chemists along with own-reactions.
  • Excellent problem solving ability.
  • Good expertise in handling various pyrophoric reactions and trouble-shooting.
  • Good Knowledge of chiral chemistry, diastereomer separation.
  • Excellent trouble-shooting skills in purification and extraction.
  • Good Knowledge of (Prep)-HPLC and analyzing NMR, IR, Mass Spectrometry data.
  • Excellent knowledge of writing and reviewing electronic lab notebooks; and writing reports, patents and manuscripts.
  • Expertise in literature search using Reaxys/Scifinder etc.

Behavioural and Soft Skills

  • Always adhere to safe laboratory practices.
  • Multi-tasking i.e. good in chemical ordering and maintaining lab inventory.
  • Enthusiasm to create a dynamic research environment.
  • Always stretch when project challenge increases.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skill.
  • Attention to the details.
  • Ability to motivate team to work.


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