Baxter Hiring MSc PhD Candidates For Research Associate II Post- Apply Online

Baxter Hiring MSc PhD Candidates For Research Associate II Post- Apply Online. Baxter, a renowned global healthcare company, is currently seeking highly qualified M.Sc. and Ph.D. candidates to join their team as Research Associates II. This exciting opportunity entails working at the forefront of medical research and innovation. Successful applicants will have the chance to contribute to cutting-edge projects and make a meaningful impact on healthcare advancements. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply online to be a part of Baxter’s dedicated team of researchers and scientists.

Job Title: Research Associate II, R&D Charact

Company: Baxter

Req #: JR – 112807

Job Category: Research and Development

Work Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

What you’ll be doing

  • Apply state-of-the-art mass spectrometry-based approaches to solve challenging problems. Develop and validate novel mass spectrometry-based analytical methods.
  • Independently plan, execute, and manage projects/programs that both span multiple disciplines and utilize established methods, techniques, or approaches.
  • Approve technical feasibility of complex design concepts within area of expertise; advise management regarding appropriate action.
  • Interpret data, evaluate analytical results, identify trends/exceptions relative to product requirements, definitions, and/or project goals.
  • Reach conclusions based on research analysis and incorporate recommendations into larger projects.
  • Share research outcomes and methodology with team members and other divisional personnel.
  • Maintain current knowledge of relevant Quality System Regulations and other regulatory requirements related to research and development to ensure compliance in all research, data collection, and reporting activities.
  • Maintain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of GxP and related regulations and guidance.
  • Be able to provide expert insights into such regulations so as to facilitate efficient product registration.
  • Be an active participant in the generation, review, adoption, and interpretation of such regulations.

What you’ll bring

  • Masters degree with at least 8-12 years, or PhD with 6-7 years in relevant discipline required.
  • Must have formal training in mass spectrometry.  Must be skilled in carrying out sophisticated mass spectrometric experiments, such as accurate mass and MS/MS, and in the interpretation of mass spectrometric data.
  • Must have good knowledge of organic chemistry and other analytical disciplines, such as chromatography, NMR, IR, etc. Possess skills, or demonstrated scientific background for the development of the necessary skills, for the elucidation of unknown compound structure using a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Experience in Nitrosamine, E&L testing/study design, environmental chemistry testing, and/or trace organic analysis preferred.
  • Experience with complex method development and validation, particularly for quantitative LC/MS methods, preferred.
  • Must be able to able to carry out strategy and vision set by upper management and be able to communicate the vision to more junior associates.
  • Ability to make routine, and some less routine, decisions independently.
  • Can effectively communicate with internal and external partners.
  • Experience working in a regulated pharmaceutical environment (e.g., cGXP) preferred.
  • Ability to learn quickly and to tackle problems in a timely manner using analytical chemistry skills.


Baxter Hiring M.Sc./PhD. Possible interview questions that can help you with:

1.Question: Can you describe your experience with liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry in a pharmaceutical research setting?

Answer: During my previous role as a research scientist at XYZ Pharmaceuticals, I gained extensive experience in liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. I routinely utilized these techniques to characterize pharmaceutical compounds, identify impurities, and ensure product quality. This experience has equipped me with a strong foundation in analytical chemistry, which I believe will be valuable in supporting Baxter’s research efforts.

2.Question: How do you approach the development and validation of new mass spectrometry-based analytical methods?

Answer: When developing and validating analytical methods, I adhere to a systematic approach. First, I thoroughly research and understand the specific analytical requirements. Then, I design experiments, select appropriate instruments, and optimize parameters to achieve reliable and precise results. I follow industry standards and validation protocols to ensure method accuracy and reproducibility, all while keeping regulatory compliance in mind.

3.Question: Can you provide an example of a challenging analytical problem you’ve encountered and how you successfully addressed it independently?

Answer: In a previous project, we faced the challenge of detecting trace levels of a potential leachable in a drug product solution. I conducted a series of experiments, optimized the mass spectrometry method, and successfully identified and quantified the leachable compound. This required innovative thinking and troubleshooting skills, ultimately contributing to the project’s success.

4.Question: How do you stay updated on relevant Quality System Regulations and regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical industry?

Answer: Staying current with Quality System Regulations and pharmaceutical regulations is crucial. I regularly engage in continuous learning through industry publications, attending relevant conferences, and participating in internal training programs. This ensures that I remain well-informed about evolving regulatory guidelines, which is essential for maintaining compliance in research and development activities.

5.Question: Can you describe your approach to collaboration and communication within a multidisciplinary team environment?

Answer: Collaboration and effective communication are essential in a multidisciplinary research setting. I believe in transparent communication, sharing research findings, and actively seeking input from team members. I’m open to constructive feedback and encourage a collaborative atmosphere where everyone’s expertise is valued. This approach fosters a team dynamic that enhances problem-solving and accelerates project progress.

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