Research Assosiate Job for Ph.D. in Chemistry at IISER Kolkata 

Research Assosiate Job for Ph.D. in Chemistry at IISER Kolkata 

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Applications are invited from the citizens of India for a Research Assistant position for the sponsored project in the Department of Chemical Sciences, IISER Kolkata. Research Assosiate Job for Ph.D. in Chemistry at IISER Kolkata. Interested Candidates can check out the details below and Apply Online.

Job Position(s): Research Assosiate I

Project Title:  Synthesis of Viscosity Modifiers

Reference Number: MA-2022-01139N

Funding Agency:  Unilever India

Number of vacancies: 1

Salary Consolidated: 47,000/- per month

Tenure:  This temporary position is initially for a period of 6 months and extandable
only for the duration of the project subject to the satisfactory performance.

Coordinator / PI: Prof. Raja Shunmugam

Department:  Department of Chemical Sciences, IISER Kolkata

Project and Job description: Study the` effect of various parameters such as temperature, solvent polarity, nature of catalysts, initiator, etc. on the controlled/living polymerization of
various monomers. Candidates having research experience in polymer synthesis and characterization with the thorough knowledge in photo chemistry will be preferred.

Application Fee : Nil

Qualifications: Suitable candidates must have submitted their thesis or must have a Ph. D. degree in Chemistry with a lot of experience in Photo

Chemistry. Age limit Upper age limit: 32 years as on the day on which the application is made. The upper age limit is relax able upto in the case of candidates belonging to scheduled castes/tribes/OBC, women and physically handicapped candidates as per the Institute Norms.

Application Procedure : A detailed CV along with the list of referees must be emailed to
[email protected] latest by 10th September 2023. Subject Line (other subject line may not be considered): Application for Research Associate I (Unilever) position Interview Short-listed applicants will be invited (via email) for an online or in person oral interview Conditions The candidate has to make logistics provision for the online interviews. The
decision of the selection committee will be final. The selected candidate may be terminated with a 30-day notice before completion of tenure, if performance till date is not deemed satisfactory.

More Information: For further information, write to Dr. R. Shunmugam at [email protected]




Research Assosiate Job for Ph.D. in Chemistry at IISER Kolkata. Here are Possible interview questions along with sample answers :

1. Question: Can you elaborate on your research experience in polymer synthesis and characterization, and how it aligns with the objectives of the “Synthesis of Viscosity Modifiers” project?

Answer: Certainly. My research experience has predominantly focused on polymer synthesis and characterization. I have been involved in designing and synthesizing various polymer architectures and have characterized them using techniques such as NMR spectroscopy, FTIR, and GPC. This experience equips me with a strong foundation to contribute effectively to the project, where we aim to study the impact of different parameters on controlled polymerization.

2. Question: The project emphasizes the study of various parameters in controlled/living polymerization. Could you provide examples of parameters you have worked with in your previous research and their significance in polymerization?

Answer: In my previous research, I have extensively explored parameters such as temperature, solvent polarity, catalysts, and initiators in polymerization reactions. For instance, I investigated how changes in temperature affect reaction kinetics and polymer structure. The choice of solvent polarity can influence reaction rates and product properties. The selection of catalysts and initiators plays a crucial role in controlling polymerization. These parameters are essential in achieving precise control over polymerization reactions, which is a key focus of the project.

3. Question: Can you share your experience with photochemistry and explain how it can be applied to the project’s objectives?

Answer: I have substantial experience with photochemistry, particularly in the context of initiating and controlling polymerization reactions using photoinitiators. Photochemical reactions offer unique advantages, such as precise initiation control and reduced environmental impact. In the project, this knowledge can be applied to study the effect of light exposure on polymerization, providing insights into photochemical aspects of controlled/living polymerization.

4. Question: How do you plan to approach the project’s objective of studying the effect of various parameters on controlled polymerization? Can you outline your research methodology?

Answer: To study the effect of parameters on controlled polymerization, I plan to conduct systematic experiments with well-defined conditions. I will vary parameters such as temperature, solvent polarity, and catalyst types while closely monitoring reaction kinetics and product characteristics. By analyzing the data and trends, I will gain insights into how these parameters influence polymerization. This structured approach will allow for a comprehensive understanding of the interactions between parameters and polymerization outcomes.

5. Question: How do you plan to ensure the satisfactory performance required for the extension of this temporary position beyond the initial 6 months?

Answer: To ensure satisfactory performance, I will maintain a strong work ethic and adhere to project timelines and objectives. I will actively communicate with the project team, including Prof. Raja Shunmugam, to address any challenges promptly. Continuous data analysis, documentation, and regular reporting will be part of my routine to ensure project goals are met. I am committed to contributing my best efforts to the project and will proactively seek feedback and guidance to deliver high-quality results.

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