Teva Pharmaceuticals Hiring B.E/ Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Teva Pharmaceuticals Hiring B.E/ Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Teva Pharmaceuticals Hiring B.E/ Diploma in Chemical Engineering For Manager Position at Gwalior, India, Interested candidates check out the details below and Apply Online

Job Post: Manager for EHS Function

Job Location: Gwalior, India, 477117

Job Company: Teva Pharmaceuticals

Job Id: 50212

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for conducting process risk analysis by conducting HAZOPs for new process & products at various stages product life cycles and conduct Job Safety Analysis, Safety Audits and Surveys in various plants areas.
  • Stringent management of changes taking place at site. Continuous awareness amongst employees to capture EHS aspects during any changes.
  • Ensure best industrial hygiene practices are followed at site. To conduct qualitative and quantitative exposure analysis for the activities at the site.
  • Prepare procedures / SOPs for the implementation of the Safety Management System at site in line with global standards and guidelines.
  • Formulate Procedures/ Guidelines /Work instructions for the safely handling Hazardous Chemicals / materials, their storages and safe disposal.
  • Ensure healthiness of Fire protection system and other emergency equipment for all potential hazard storages /installations & processes.
  • Conduct Pre start up safety reviews at the facility. Guide team of safety professionals for excellence in EHS performance.
  • Prepare HAZMAT and MOCK drill procedures and conduct the periodical drills in the plant.
  • Prepare site PPE matrix and select and provide proper PPE and Emergency safety equipment’s for employees.

 Experience and qualifications

  • B.E./ Diploma in Chemical Engg. + Diploma in Industrial Safety




Teva Pharmaceuticals Hiring B.E/ Diploma in Chemical Engineering For Manager Position. Here are Possible interview questions and answers.

1. Question: Can you describe your experience in conducting process risk analysis and implementing safety management systems in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment?

Answer: Throughout my career, I have actively participated in process risk analysis through methods like HAZOPs (Hazard and Operability Studies) to identify potential hazards and risks in new processes and products. I have also conducted Job Safety Analysis, Safety Audits, and Surveys in various plant areas to ensure compliance with safety standards. Additionally, I have successfully implemented Safety Management Systems aligned with global standards and guidelines, preparing procedures and SOPs to maintain a safe working environment. My hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical industry has equipped me to effectively address EHS aspects and drive continuous improvement.

2. Question: How do you ensure that employees maintain continuous awareness of EHS aspects during any changes or modifications taking place at the site?

Answer: As a proactive approach, I believe in fostering a safety culture where employees understand the importance of EHS in all aspects of their work. To ensure continuous awareness, I encourage regular training sessions and workshops on EHS topics for all employees. Additionally, I implement change management protocols that involve EHS considerations and assessments for any modifications or new processes. By engaging employees and encouraging their active participation in safety initiatives, we can collectively capture and address EHS aspects during changes effectively.

3. Question: Could you share an example of how you have improved industrial hygiene practices at a previous site and conducted qualitative and quantitative exposure analysis for activities?

Answer: In one of my previous roles, I led an initiative to enhance industrial hygiene practices at a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. We introduced a comprehensive monitoring program to assess air quality, noise levels, and potential exposure to hazardous substances. Through qualitative and quantitative exposure analysis, we identified critical areas where improvements were needed. Based on the findings, we implemented control measures, such as engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE), to mitigate potential risks and ensure a safe working environment for employees.

4. Question: How do you ensure that the site complies with regulations related to the handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous chemicals and materials?

Answer: Compliance with regulations is a priority in EHS management. To ensure proper handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous chemicals and materials, I develop and implement clear procedures, guidelines, and work instructions based on local and global regulatory standards. Regular training sessions are conducted to educate employees on safe practices and proper handling techniques. Moreover, periodic audits are performed to assess adherence to safety protocols. By continuously monitoring and updating our procedures in line with the latest regulations, we maintain a high level of compliance at the site.

5. Question: How do you lead and motivate your team of safety professionals to achieve excellence in EHS performance?

Answer: I firmly believe that a motivated and engaged team is key to achieving excellence in EHS performance. As a manager, I lead by example, demonstrating a strong commitment to safety and actively participating in safety initiatives. I encourage open communication and collaboration within the team, providing them with the necessary resources and support to excel in their roles. Recognizing and appreciating their efforts is crucial for boosting morale. Additionally, I conduct regular performance evaluations and offer constructive feedback to help my team members grow professionally. By fostering a positive work environment and emphasizing the importance of their contributions to the company’s overall safety goals, we collectively strive for excellence in EHS performance.

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