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Clarivate Chemistry & Pharma Job Opening – Apply For Associate Role

Clarivate Chemistry & Pharma Job Opening – Apply For Associate Role. M.Sc. pharmacology/pharmaceutical chemistry/ Chemistry job. Apply online for the Associate Content Editor – Pharmaceutical Abstracts vacancy at Clarivate. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

Hey there, if you are interested in this role of Associate Content Editor – Pharmaceutical Abstracts at Clarivate then make sure you check out some interview questions along with their answers that we have listed at the bottom of the page

Job Title: Associate Content Editor – Pharmaceutical Abstracts

Job Number: JREQ122578

City, ST: Hyderabad, TG

We are seeking a motivated Content Editor to join our talented International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA) Team.

About You – experience, education, skills, and accomplishments

  • Educational Qualification: M.Sc. pharmacology/pharmaceutical chemistry/ Chemistry/ Biotechnology or related science field
  • 1+ years’ experience in content analysis in a science-related field or in a related publication domain.
  • Knowledge of clinical trial information, preclinical data, microbiology, gene therapy, vaccines, pharmaceutical formulations and drug development. performing end-of-production cycle completeness, and accuracy tasks as assigned.
  • Good scientific research and analytical skills, with attention to detail
  • Ability to set priorities and be flexible in a changing environment

What will you be doing in this role?

  • Apply biotechnology, molecular biology, pharmacology and pharmaceutical chemistry concepts to curate drug-related data from research articles in line with editorial policies
  • Achieve weekly production volumes and consistently meet quality targets
  • Take an active role within the team to ensure targets are met
  • Maintain a flexible and adaptable approach towards process change
  • Take initiative by raising, discussing, and resolving subject matter and production issues
  • Maintain and develop scientific knowledge and skills training as required to complete work and stay current on scientific trends and developments related to your editorial responsibilities.

Hours of Work

This is a full-time permanent position

At Clarivate, we are committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all persons with respect to hiring, compensation, promotion, training and other terms, conditions and privileges of employment. We comply with applicable laws and regulations governing non-discrimination in all locations.


We know you are here all eager and wanting all of the answers, so read on below to read and absorb some of the interview questions for the role of Associate Content Editor – Pharmaceutical Abstracts at Clarivate

  1. Can you explain your experience in content analysis within a science-related field or a related publication domain? Answer: I have over 1 year of experience in content analysis within a science-related field. During this time, I have worked with research articles, extracting and curating drug-related data in accordance with editorial policies. I have gained a deep understanding of clinical trial information, preclinical data, microbiology, gene therapy, vaccines, pharmaceutical formulations, and drug development.
  2. How do you ensure accuracy and completeness in your content analysis tasks? Can you provide an example of how you have maintained high-quality standards in your work? Answer: Accuracy and completeness are crucial in content analysis. I pay meticulous attention to detail and employ scientific research and analytical skills to ensure the accuracy of the curated data. Additionally, I perform end-of-production cycle tasks to verify completeness. For instance, I cross-check the data against reliable sources, double-check for any omissions or errors, and ensure consistency in formatting and presentation.
  3. In a fast-paced environment with changing priorities, how do you manage your workload and set priorities effectively? Answer: In a dynamic environment, I prioritize my workload by assessing the urgency and importance of each task. I use effective time management techniques such as creating task lists, setting realistic deadlines, and breaking down larger projects into manageable milestones. By staying organized and adaptable, I ensure that I meet the required production volumes and quality targets consistently.
  4. How do you stay updated on scientific trends and developments relevant to your editorial responsibilities? Can you provide an example of how you have applied your scientific knowledge in your editorial work? Answer: I proactively stay informed about scientific trends and developments through continuous learning and professional development opportunities. I regularly read scientific journals, attend relevant conferences and workshops, and engage with scientific communities. I also participate in ongoing training programs to enhance my knowledge and skills. By staying current, I can effectively apply scientific concepts and terminology in my editorial work, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the curated content.
  5. Can you describe a time when you faced a subject matter or production issue and how you resolved it? How do you approach problem-solving and decision-making in your work? Answer: In a previous role, I encountered a subject matter issue where there was conflicting information in the research articles I was analyzing. To resolve this, I conducted further research, consulted subject matter experts, and reached out to the authors for clarification. By gathering additional information and carefully evaluating the sources, I was able to make an informed decision and resolve the issue effectively. In problem-solving and decision-making, I adopt a systematic approach, considering all available data and seeking input from relevant stakeholders to arrive at the best possible solution.

Remember to tailor your answers based on your own experiences and skills, providing specific examples to showcase your capabilities in content analysis, scientific knowledge, problem-solving, and adaptability.

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