Firmenich QC Job - MSc Chemistry Candidates Apply Online

Firmenich QC Job – MSc Chemistry Candidates Apply Online

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Location: Mumbai

Eligbility Criteria & Experience: 

  • MSc. (+ 2 years’ experience), or BSc (+ 5 years’ experience) in analytical chemistry or related areas
  • Handling of Gas chromatography and Mass spectrometry for analytical analysis in a commercial or research lab
  • Knowledge of Instrument troubleshooting
  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • Desire to achieve results
  • Open to work in shifts

We offer:

  • Culture that values diversity where people are at the heart of the company
  • Opportunity to work for a company that cares about environment and sets and achieve ambitious sustainability objectives
  • Entry to exciting and inspiring world of perfumes and taste.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Interpret GC/GC-MS data
  • Release the product in system on timely manner with high level of accuracy.
  • Prepare and review analytical reports using in-house reporting tools and databases
  • Document work, make recommendations and communicate effectively with manager, co-workers, and (internal) customers
  • Coordinate and provide technical support whenever required (e.g., instrument troubleshooting) as an expert analytical chemist.
  • Manage, maintain various documentation related to work

Possible Interview Questions & Answers:

  1. Can you describe your experience with GC and Mass spectrometry in a commercial or research lab? Answer: Yes, I have a Master’s degree in analytical chemistry and have worked with GC and Mass spectrometry for over 2 years in a commercial lab. My experience includes analyzing raw materials, intermediates, and finished products, conducting routine and non-routine analyses, maintaining and troubleshooting analytical equipment, and documenting test results accurately.
  2. How do you interpret GC/GC-MS data? Can you provide an example? Answer: To interpret GC/GC-MS data, I first examine the peaks on the chromatogram to identify the compounds present in the sample. Then, I compare the retention time and mass spectra of the peaks to a reference library to confirm the identity of the compounds. For example, if I see a peak at a retention time of 10.5 minutes with a mass spectrum that matches the reference library for caffeine, I would conclude that the sample contains caffeine.
  3. How do you ensure high levels of accuracy when releasing a product in the system? Answer: To ensure high levels of accuracy when releasing a product in the system, I follow the standard operating procedures for data entry and review the analytical reports before releasing the product. I also double-check the data for any errors or inconsistencies and communicate with my co-workers and manager if I have any concerns or questions.
  4. Can you describe your experience with coordinating and providing technical support as an expert analytical chemist? Answer: Yes, I have provided technical support to my colleagues in the lab and have managed various documentation related to my work. For example, I have trained new hires on the use of analytical equipment, troubleshooted instrument issues, and reviewed analytical reports for accuracy. I have also maintained detailed records of my work, made recommendations for process improvements, and communicated effectively with my co-workers and internal customers.
  5. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in analytical chemistry and related areas? Answer: To stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in analytical chemistry and related areas, I regularly read scientific journals, attend conferences and webinars, and participate in professional development opportunities. I also collaborate with my colleagues and seek out opportunities to learn from their expertise and experience.

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