Vacancies @ Tata Steel - Chemical Engineering Candidates Apply

Vacancies @ Tata Steel – Chemical Engineering Candidates Apply

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Tata Steel hiring Chemical engineering candidates. Chemical Engineering job opening 2023. Researcher/ Principal Researcher Iron Making Res Group(Auxiliaries) job opening 2023. Candidates with a master’s degree in chemical engineering apply. Check out all the details

Job Title: Researcher/Principle researcher: Iron Making Res Group(Auxiliaries)

Location: Jamshedpur

Minimum Education:

B.Tech./B.E. and M.Tech./M.S./M.E./Ph.D.
Branch:Chemical, Mechanical, Metallurgy, Energy, Production, Environment


1. Experience of 3 – 11 years in blast furnace and/or alternate ironmaking.

2. Detailed understanding of heat and mass balance, slag thermodynamics, pyrometallurgical experiments pertinent to ironmaking areas.

3. Good working knowledge of Python and Microsoft Excel.

Role description

Job Description

1.Produce research outputs that enhance iron making processes by increasing their productivity and reducing their CO2 footprint while reducing costs.

2.Perform experiments and computations that can be developed into process simulation and control models for iron making processes (blast furnace and alternate routes as well)

3.Co-ordinate with various agencies (plant operations, maintenance teams as well as technology group) and perform plant scale trials to generate substantial research output.

4.Develop laboratories and pilot scale experimental facilities.


  • Fulfill the long-term aspirations/ strategies of blast furnace ironmaking
    Grow lab scale technologies from lab sale to pilot and industrial levels
  • Analyze and solve problems related to ironmaking using a thorough research approach focused on experiments/mathematical models.
  • Develop and regularize unique solutions to existing challenges in blast furnace ironmaking.
  • Identify work done and shortcomings in existing approaches, generate new ideas, perform experiments/develop new models.

Primary skill:
Blast furnace(and auxiliaries) ironmaking process knowledge, proficiency in doing high temperature experiments and plant trials in blast furnace areas.

Secondary skill:
Physical model experiments.

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Important Interview Questions and Answers for the above job role:

  1. Can you tell me about your experience in blast furnace and/or alternate ironmaking? Answer: I have worked in the ironmaking industry for X years, during which I have gained expertise in blast furnace operations and alternate ironmaking processes.
  2. What is your understanding of heat and mass balance, slag thermodynamics, and pyrometallurgical experiments relevant to ironmaking? Answer: I have a detailed understanding of heat and mass balance, slag thermodynamics, and pyrometallurgical experiments that are relevant to ironmaking. I have worked on various projects that required me to apply this knowledge to develop process simulation and control models.
  3. How do you approach analyzing and solving problems related to ironmaking? Answer: My approach to problem-solving is to take a thorough research-based approach that focuses on experiments and mathematical models. I identify the existing challenges and shortcomings in existing approaches and generate new ideas to develop unique solutions.
  4. What is your experience in developing and regularizing unique solutions to existing challenges in blast furnace ironmaking? Answer: I have developed and regularized unique solutions to existing challenges in blast furnace ironmaking in my previous roles. This required me to work closely with various stakeholders and apply my expertise in ironmaking processes to develop and implement these solutions.
  5. Can you discuss your experience in coordinating with various agencies to perform plant-scale trials? Answer: I have coordinated with various agencies, including plant operations, maintenance teams, and technology groups, to perform plant-scale trials and generate substantial research output. This experience has helped me develop strong communication and collaboration skills.

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