Aditya Birla Chemical Science Job Vacancy - Apply Online

Aditya Birla Chemical Science Job Vacancy – Apply Online

Aditya Birla Group hiring research engineer. Chemistry research job, MSc chemical science and chemical engineering job opening 2023. Chemistry job opening 2023. Engineer job opening at Aditya Birla Group. Intrested and eligible candidates may check out all the details

Job Title: Engineer

Professional Qualifications: B. E (Chemical)/Diploma(Chemical) /M.Sc.

Essential: B.E /Diploma (Chemical)


Bachelor Of Engineering,Master Of Science,Diploma

Minimum Experience Level:
6-15 Years

JOB PROFILE: Responsible of Line 4 Kiln productivity and specific power consumption are within the target value. Debottlenecking in the section continuously. Zero medical case and 100% IMS system implementation.

KRA 1: Accountability: Production and Quality.
Monitoring of Raw Mill / Cement Mill /Kiln / Coal Mill 4 process parameters for production optimization and quality control.

  • Close monitoring of process parameters i.e. draft, temperatures, power etc. along with process trends.
  •  Corrective and preventive action for abnormal situation / alarms.
  •  Interact with concerned maintenance department for shift problems.

KRA 2: Cost Control:

Identifying and bringing to the notice of Section Head for unnecessary interlocks / idle running of equipment’s.

  • Continuous monitoring of trends along with process parameters.
  • Ensure running of power saving equipment in SPRS.
  • Running Raw Mills / Cement Mills and Kilns / Coolers 4 in 4 logic control.

KRA 3: Process Maintenance Jobs:

Coordination for Refractory work in shutdown activities and shutdown jobs at various places.

  • Supervise for correct installation of bricks / castable.
  • Take no load trials of standby equipment’s.
  • Changeovers whenever required.
  • Co-ordination for shutdown activities assigned

KRA 4: Housekeeping and Environmental / Safety:

Practice of good housekeeping standards with reference to spillages / leakages etc. and environment / safety performance in the section / team area.

  • Monitor performance of dust control equipment’s i.e., GCT, ESP, Dust collectors, CO tripping.
  • Using personal protective equipment’s.
  • Participating in WCM activities

SBO round and Walk by inspection

KRA 5: 5.System Implementation:

The system requirements of ISO, EMS, OHSAS, SA 8000 and WCM systems in Raw Mills / Cement Mills and Kiln / Coal Mills 4 thorough the involvement of employees for improving plant working and quality standard.

Identify and improvement study and kaizen.
Identify & get rectified.

  • Abnormalities.
  • Spillage/leakages.
  •  Unsafe conditions/practices. 5S activities.
  •  Points emerged in campaigns..
  • Implementation plan for
  • Quality improvement objectives.
  • Improvement of WCM criteria score.
  • EMS targets.
  • Internal customer rating improvement.
  •  Statutory compliance.
  • Improvement of OEE/MTBF/MTTR
  •  Elimination of muda.
  • Does why why analysis.
  • Prepare/present weekly/monthly WCM presentation.
  • Develop one point lesson.
  • Update WCM activity board

Create awareness in team members.
Develop visual controls.

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