CSIR Chemical Science Topics

CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam Important Topics Checklist + More

CSIR UGC NET JRF is the dream national-level entrance exam for chemistry / pharma / chemical science aspirants in India who are willing to build a successful career in the R&D & teaching sector. CSIR NET chemical science exam is scheduled to be held in September 2022 this year, with dates yet to be confirmed by NTA & CSIR HRDG.

With just 2 months left for the CSIR NET Exam, what should be one’s strategy? Our experts at Rasayanika have designed CSIR NET Checklists, which will help you efficiently sort your revision & preparation.

CSIR NET Chemical science checklist content:

  • CSIR NET Chemical science September 2022 Exam Revision TO DO List
  • CSIR NET Chemical science Important Topics Complete Checklist
  • CSIR NET chemical science Exam Day CheckList

Download CSIR NET Chemical Science Checklists PDF

How To Use These CSIR NET chemical science CheckLists?

  • Download CSIR NET Check Lists below.
  • Take a printout of the PDFs and tick off the tasks as and when done.
  • Important topic checklist PDF will help you immensely in your revisions as the CSIR NET Chemical science syllabus is huge.
  • This list will keep you on your toes and help you prepare for the exam in advance, without the fear of missing out on anything.

CSIR NET exam Dont’s

  1. Dont try to study all the topics from the CSIR NET Chemical science syllabus in the few days left.
  2. Dont start watching random videos from free lectures available on Youtube for revision.
  3. Dont just depend on PYQ solving & mock tests
  4. Dont completely skip Part A.
  5. Dont over exhaust yourself

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CSIR NET Chemical science exam Do’s

  1. Prepare a proper study timetable based on the number of days left for the exam and stick to it.
  2. Practice more & more.
  3. Revise as much as you can – focus on the important units & important topics
  4. Include PYQs & Mock tests in your revision schedule – Learn from mistakes & fix them.
  5. Lead a healthy balanced life – you need to be healthy both mentally & physically for the exam.

Download CSIR NET Chemical Science Checklists PDF


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