COVID-19 vaccine clinical supplies stockpiled by the Government and pharma companies ahead of vaccine availability

Stocking up on clinical supplies as essential as the vaccine itself

As reports of advances in the COVID-19 vaccine development fill our daily news, pharma companies are working with the government to fill up their syringe and vial stock.

A senior government stated that stocking up on COVID-19 vaccine clinical supplies are as essential as the vaccine itself. It is of utmost importance for companies to scale up their syringes production and various other clinical items required to administer the vaccine.

To meet an enormous need in the future, pharma companies working on a possible COVID-19 vaccine have collaborated with manufacturers of vials and rubber stoppers for the same. The demand for COVID-19 vaccine clinical supplies is estimated to be 300 million or twice the number if it is a double-shot vaccine. Those many people are anticipated to get the initial shot when the vaccine distribution starts.

Going for multi-dose vials

A majority of the companies looking to stock up on the COVID-19 vaccine clinical supplies will choose government institutes over private businesses for the trade. This prompts them to manufacture multi-dose vials, reducing the number needed. They will utilize manufacturing and filing lines that are already present.

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An individual from a vaccine manufacturing company confirmed that both Chinese and Indian distributors had been approached for pre-ordering the required volumes. Storage of vials cannot happen ahead of time. For this reason, the companies have tied up with the manufacturers.

Requirement yet to be disclosed

A syringe manufacturer said that the exact number of the COVID-19 vaccine clinical supplies is yet to be revealed by the government. Hindustan Syringes and Medical devices MD Rajiv Nath stated that although the government hasn’t provided the exact number, 900 million people were estimated to be administered with the vaccine. Therefore, a two-shot vaccine will require 1,800 million supplies.


Author: Deepthi Prakash

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