IRRI Chemistry Project Associate Vacancy - International Rice Research Institute

IRRI Chemistry Project Associate – International Rice Research Institute

International Rice Research Institute. IRRI chemistry job opening 2022. MSc & BSc Chemistry job opening 2022, Chemistry vacancy, International Rice Research Institute hiring chemistry candidates for the post of Project Associate. Chemistry job opening at IRRI, Intrested and eligible candidates may check out all the details on the same below:

Job ID: HQ01329

Job Title: Project Associate

Elibgility Criteria:

Bachelor of Science in chemistry, biochemistry, biology or equivalent with at least 2 years of relevant research experience or

Master of Science in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology or equivalent with at least
1 year of relevant work experiencer

Salary: Rs 428000 INR per year

Skills Required


  • Knowledge in rice grain quality and nutritional quality traits
  • Proven technical proficiency in conducting research experiments
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong knowledge on statistical analyses of biological data
  • Skills in handling and analyzing high-throughput data
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively in a team of multidisciplinary scientists
  • Technical skills in analyzing rice grain quality traits


  • Skills in analyzing nutritional quality traits in rice utilizing Mass Spectrometry based techniques
  • Ability to coordinate Quality Assurance in the laboratory

Job Purpose

The Centre of Excellence for Rice Value Addition (CERVA) is a major component of the IRRI South Asian Regional Centre (ISARC) that is established in India by IRRI, with strong support from the Government of India to enhance research and training capabilities in the south Asian and African regions to enable the production of rice with superior grain qualities. With the mission of addressing the grain quality analytical needs of breeders and other stakeholders in the rice value chain, CERVA is established under ISARC as a world-class grain quality research facility encompassing capabilities to evaluate milling, cooking, nutritional and sensory qualities of rice grain as well as food safety. Rice-based food product development is also a major focus of CERVA.

The position of Project Associate is required to work with the Grain Quality and Nutrition team of CERVA to conduct research on improving the grain quality and nutritional quality traits in rice with a particular focus to traditional landraces and popular mega
varieties in India.

This position will be based at the IRRI South Asia Regional Center (ISARC) at Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh and will only be filled by existing IRRI employees who are permanent citizens of India.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Undertake experiments to profile the milling quality and cooking quality traits of rice by employing a range of analytical techniques.
  • Design research activities for improving the milling, cooking and eating qualities of rice.
  • Screening of rice accessions for superior nutritional quality traits using assay-based and advanced instrument-based methods.
  • Prepare and communicate progress reports in a timely manner, meeting organizational and donor requirements.
  • Contribute to the development of research proposals including reviewing relevant literature.
  • Improvise methodologies for analyzing grain quality and nutritional quality traits for high throughput phenotyping outcomes.
  • Ensure availability of services and supplies for uninterrupted flow of experiments and maintain inventories as required.
  • Ensure smooth conduct of experiment(s) by troubleshooting and fostering a productive teamwork environment.
  • Develop standard operating procedures (SOP) for the lab and contribute to collective efforts in obtaining and maintaining national accreditation.
  • Coordinate Risk Management, Quality Assurance, and Safety Activities
  • Maintain close interactions with all research programs of CERVA including those of food safety and sensory quality and product development.
  • Work closely with researchers in the Consumer-driven Grain Quality and Nutrition Unit and IRRI Breeding team to support the characterization of breeding lines as required.
    Interact with Ph.D. Scholars and Interns in providing technical training in the areas of
  • grain quality and nutritional quality analytics.
    Interact with collaborators to meet project milestones and achieve shared goals
  • Engage with field staff for designing and conducting field experiments relating to the project
  • Data generation, analyses, and interpretations of milling quality cooking quality and nutritional qualities for rice
  • Contribute to presentations and publications for effective communications of research outcomes
  • Contribute to developing standard operating procedures and other documentation required for ISO accreditation of the lab
  • Maintain accurate logs of all grain quality and nutritional quality experiments and establish a reference database of comprehensive quality profiles of traditional landraces and popular varieties

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