JNCASR International Winter School 2021 Research Program - Registration Open Now !

JNCASR International Winter School 2021 – Registration Open Now

The International Winter School-2021, “Frontiers in Materials Science”, is aimed at introducing frontier areas of research in materials science to graduate students, young researchers, and scientists with backgrounds in physics, chemistry, and engineering.

Topics To Be Covered: 

The topics to be covered in this Winter School include chemistry and physics of transition-metal oxides and their functional properties, methods of high pressure, chemical and topo-chemical synthesis of materials, spin ordering in crystals and magnetism, functional and quantum materials, microstructures, nano-scale heterostructures, energy storage, conversion and transport, corrosion, electrochemistry of materials for energy storage in batteries, ion transport, heterogeneous and photocatalysis, structural flexibility and disorder, meso-porous and nano-porous solids, metal-organic frameworks, superconductivity, magnetoresistance, 2-dimensional materials, femto-scale processes, spectroscopy and various techniques of material characterization, molecular magnets, molecular electronics, organo-metallic and bio-molecular materials, supramolecular assemblies, structural and computational biology, DNA and nucleic acid-based molecular devices, soft materials, theoretical and computational quantum chemistry and materials science, machine learning predictive models and computer simulations.

Lecture Time: 

One-hour lectures given by leading scientists will provide a pedagogic view of the background and emerging ideas in a given area of materials science, and also cover research at the cutting edge through examples from their works.

Active participation from students and young participants is strongly encouraged through poster and a few oral presentations, in addition to frequent interactions with the speakers this year on the virtual platform.

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