PI Industries RITSC Scientist Vacancy - Chemistry Candidates Apply

PI Industries RITSC Scientist Vacancy – Chemistry Candidates Apply

Research IT & Scientific Computation (RITSC) Vacancy at PI Industries – Apply Online. PI Industries MSc Chemistry Postgraduate chemistry candidates are invited for job opening 2021 for the post of Research Scientist. Research IT & Scientific Computation (RITSC) job. Check out all the details on the same below:

Department: Research IT & Scientific Computation (RITSC)

Location: Udaipur

Job Title: Research Scientist – Research IT & Scientific Computation (RITSC)

Level: Executives

Reporting To: Group Leader – Research IT & Scientific Computation (RITSC)

Position Purpose

The role holder is responsible for collaboration & contribution to discovery programs at the design phase using molecular modeling & scientific computation for the agrochemical industry. The role requires a deep understanding of biological, mathematical, scientific, and statistical knowledge with past experience of its application. The role would give exposure to the latest use cases in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Strategic Responsibilities

  • Actively support the philosophy, values and key strategic initiatives of RITSC Department.
  • Efficient contribution to the overall success of CreAgro by driving innovation according to objectives and targets set.
  • Identifying proprietary research results and taking appropriate measures to maximize the value proposition of the department.
  • Innovate solutions using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to introduce prediction, design and optimization capabilities for the research group.
  • Prepare and present strategic presentations in order to convey key findings, results and ideas to the project teams and management.
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Additional responsibilities:

  • Maintain close contacts with international and industry research bodies, institutes engaged in providing relevant services and academia
  • Act as a committed ambassador of PI brand
  • Remain at the cutting edge of knowledge required for data management and assessment through constant updating of personal knowledge and skill-sets using the online and print literature, attending national and international conferences on scientific computation and modeling
  • Ensure that the RITSC team acquires and maintains a high level of knowledge and skills in relevant areas of data management, modeling, QSAR, and respective IT tools in particular through continuous development, education and training.

Operational Responsibilities

  • Within CreAgro division you will be working closely with project stakeholders in identifying development candidates.
  • You will play an essential role in data analysis, the design of focused compound collections, and synthesis prioritization by state-of-the-art methods and technologies.
    Your work involves the application of a wide variety of ligand-based and structure-based computational
  • Approaches using tools like Schrodinger, Cresset, OpenEye, ACDLabs etc.
    Use programming skills to enhance the effectiveness and productivity Ex. KNIME, Python, R, etc.
  • Use data analysis and visualization tools and software like Spotfire, Signals Lead Discovery, etc. for effective decision making.
  • Learn new tools and technologies constantly to be updated with industry developments. Ideate, test, and validate in order to launch new programs and initiatives.
  • Continuously keep one updated with competition, industry and domain analysis and share important developments with the key stakeholders.
  • Follow all standard operating procedures as defined from time to time, share regular reports and comply to all information/data integrity and security policies.
    Comply to all the safety requirements of the role.
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Financial Responsibilities

People Responsibilities

  • Business relationship to HOFs, GLs and RPLS.
  • Participate actively in research projects assigned and ensure smooth working of the department.
  • Continuously improve processes to ensure quality and efficiency.
    Participate in initiatives to build the desired culture in the RITSC team and along interfaces.
  • Be a delivery-focused member, build a sustainable relationship with the project teams.
  • Have open and transparent dialogues with project and function teams in order to put ideas clearly.

Education Qualification

  • Ph.D. in computational chemistry or a related field with a background in biology/chemistry/physics or informatics from a reputed University / Institute with excellent academic credentials.
  • Should have advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in several of the following areas: ligand-based and structure-based virtual screening, structure-based drug design, homology modeling, 3D-QSAR, pharmacophore modeling, scaffold hopping, data-mining techniques and in-silico modeling of ADME/Tox.
  • Experience on working on commercial modeling tools like Schrodinger, Cresset, OpenEye, MOE etc.
  • Knowledge of scripting and programming techniques to build efficient AI/ML applications and models.
  • Well-versed with working on HPC servers on LINUX/UNIX environment.
  • High-quality research publications and/or patents appreciated.

Work Experience

  • Research experience of > 4 years from international companies and/or high ranking academic institutes in handling scientific data in order to support, improve and direct design in the area of drug discovery, exploration and optimization in life sciences
  • Experience as a member of project teams in the area of data management and data evaluation
  • Experience in driving results through efficient drug designing.
  • Must be able to communicate with key stakeholders on a high level of understanding of contents
  • Experience in the agrochemical space would be an additional advantage.
    Industry to be Hired from
  • Agro/Pharma/Chemical Industries
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Functional Competencies

  • Knowledge of IT tools, modeling, QSAR, etc
  • Excellent knowledge of Modeling and Simulation concepts
  • Excellent data science knowledge and is able to apply to build efficient design approach
  • Ability to find, assemble and analyse verbal and numerical data from internet, databases and paper-based sources
  • Comfortable with exploring and trying new tools and technologies
  • Ability to innovate

Apply Online

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