CSIR-IICT to reduce dependency for APIs

Initiatives of CSIR-IICT to reduce dependency for APIs and drug intermediates

The key components of any drug that produces the intended effects are Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). For the supply of APIs as well as drug intermediates India is mainly dependent on China. Currently, the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad, is teaming up with LAXAI Life Sciences to develop and manufacture APIs and drug intermediates being used against COVID-19. This effort by CSIR-IICT might reduce the dependency of the Indian pharmaceutical industry on Chinese imports for APIs and drug intermediates.

The partnership will largely focus on an essential intermediate of Hydroxy Chloroquine, Umifenovir, and Remdesivir.

In recent weeks, India has seen a spurt in demand for anti-malarial drug – HCQ, as its one of the biggest manufacturers of HCQ. Over the last few days HCQ has been sent to over 50 nations, including the USA. The partnership will certainly cause a cost-effective procedure with marginal dependency on key raw materials on China. On top of that, Remdesivir is presently under scientific tests to assess efficiency and safety against COVID -19. The above-mentioned drug – Remdesivir has been formerly administered to patients with the Ebola virus.

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister has approved a special package for promoting bulk drug production in India and also reducing our reliance on China, as undisrupted accessibility to essential medications and drug security are critical for public health.

LAXAI Life Sciences has become an integrated pharmaceutical firm with a presence in API formulation and manufacturing.

The team will certainly use the expertise for the industrial production of the products. The firm will be one of the first few to commercialize these products. The APIs and intermediates manufacturing will be occupied at USFDA/Good manufacturing practice accepted plants held by LAXAI with its subsidiary, Therapiva Private Limited.


Author: Sruthi S

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