India lifts curbs on exports

India Lifts Curbs On Exports Of 13 APIs

To ensure there was no shortage in the domestic market, India restricted the exports of 13 APIs and their formulations in the first week of March.

On Monday, India lifted the curbs on exports of 13 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and their formulations amid growing pressure from countries like the US and easing supplies from China. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has been claimed to be effective to treat coronavirus, sources claim that India might lift the ban on exports of this drug also.

An official said, “Due to the shortage of raw material in the country which could have caused a crisis in the home market, exports of APIs were banned. Hubei province sends the APIs for these drugs primarily. However, the supplies have been mitigated now.”

The restricted exports of 13 APIs and their formulations included common medicines like paracetamol, metronidazole, common antibiotics like tinidazole, hormones, some anti-virals, and vitamins. There has hardly been any export in March since exporting these items requires the approval from the government now. Exports have practically stopped because the process to get an NoC takes 30-45 days.

After the drug, HCQ, came into limelight for its curative

properties in treating Covid-19 cases, India also imposed a ban on the export of HCQ (API and its formulations). On a ‘case-to-case’ basis on humanitarian grounds from special economic zones and export-oriented units, the government had allowed exports in the last week of March. However, India imposed a blanket ban on April 4. This was also around the same time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was contacted by the US President Donald Trump to discuss the issue of HCQ drug.

“We have sufficient stock of paracetamol. Becoming the new epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, the US needs paracetamol right now. As India supplies almost 25% of the generic medicines sold in the US, the US is worried that India’s stance can lead to drug shortages in their market. During such a crisis, if India adopts protectionist policies, then India would lose its credibility as the pharmacy of the world,” stated a leading exporter.

India Lifts Curbs On Exports Of 13 APIs


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