Top 10 Skills Required For Chemistry Candidates To Get Industry Job

Top 10 skills to get industry job in chemistry

Chemists use a large number of chemicals and various substances while working in laboratories and industries. Hence they should possess certain skills for multiple purposes such as drug development, forensic analysis, and toxicology.

Chemistry candidates have to work in areas such as:

  • drug formulation and development
  • chemical or forensic analysis
  • process development
  • product validation
  • quality control
  • Toxicology.

Here are the top 10 skills required by chemistry candidates to get an industry job.

  1. Analytical thinker and critical problem solver.

All the employers look for problem solvers and analytical thinkers, as every job is about solving a problem. An analytical thinker can solve both simple and complex issues. Analytical thinkers pay attention to detail, critical thinking ability, decision-making, and researching skills to analyze a question or problem and reach a solution. This is very important for research in any chemical or pharmaceutical industry. If there is any problem while doing any reaction or purification, the candidate should think analytically.

2. Time manager and independent worker.

You have to stay organized while working in a laboratory or industry. You have to keep up to date information about what work is assigned to you, such

as about your chemical reactions, isolation or purification of products, etc.

You should here know to set the priority as to which work you would do first so that you can finish your final target on time. You can decide to finish simple work first, followed by the tough one latter. Once one has planned the priority, your goal should be to complete all your work on time. Because while working in the chemical industry, further reaction steps or purification is based on the chemical reaction which you have been assigned, so if you delay it, the work for others will be delayed. Hence time management for a chemistry candidate is one of the top skills to get an industry job in chemistry.


The definition of a technophile is “a person who is enthusiastic about new technology.” This word not only used in the IT industry but also used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Some of the candidates find their comfort zone and always want to stay in it. But a company will always try to search for a candidate who keeps learning, and part of this process can be learning new techniques, new software, or new technology. Because now many of the chemical industries also use various software for their product production. The candidate should also possess knowledge of modern instrumental techniques.   

4. Teamwork, multidisciplinary, or otherwise.

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry is facing new and complex challenges that require the collective efforts of professional candidates. To be successful in today’s world, chemistry candidates must possess professional skills, especially team working skills, to tackle the novel, complex problems of these industries. Because this product will be synthesized in many steps and each step will be related to the previous one, so here teamwork is very important.

Hence teamwork is defined as –

T- Together

E- Everyone

A- Achieves

M- More


Leadership skills generally include the ability to delegate, inspire, and communicate with other team members. Chemistry candidates who are skilled leaders will help the industry by driving projects to completion more appropriately, establishing a vision, making innovation, and will engage and motivate others.

6. Understanding legal and regulatory issues.

While working in the chemical industry or pharmaceutical industry, chemistry candidate has to follow the rules and regulations related to the use of reagents, chemicals, instrumentation, and then reporting of data and results. But while working in the industry, candidates have to be also aware of rules and regulations other than scientific research.

7. Ability to Multitask

Chemistry candidates should always have multitasking skills while working in the industry as it helps to complete the work on time. You may have to work on multiple projects simultaneously, i.e., you may be allotted to many reactions or to work on many techniques at the same time. So candidates should definitely have the skill to work on multiple things at a time.

8. Computer Literacy

Chemistry candidates should have knowledge of computer hardware and software, including applications and programming. Because many times you need to find the details of your work in the software which are designed for chemists. Candidate should have computer knowledge so that it will be helpful for preparing reports and keeping a record of the work.

9. Ability to use various instrumental techniques

Any chemist or chemistry candidate should have knowledge of instrumental techniques. Because techniques are very important in the R & D section of the chemical industry. Some of these techniques are HPLC, GC, NMR, IR, UV, XRD, MS, etc. These are the essential instrumental techniques without which the candidate may not be hired.

10. Having knowledge about lab safety

Having knowledge of lab safety is very important for chemistry candidates as safety is the biggest issue while working with chemicals. The candidate should understand all the precautions while working with a particular chemical or instrument. Otherwise, there may occur some accidents which can cause loss to the company.

So these are the top 10 skills required by chemistry candidates to get an industry job. If you dont have any of them, start nurturing your skills from today.

“The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Author: Smriti Sinha



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