Sr. Associate Scientist Post @ Colgate-Palmolive

Sr. Associate Scientist Post @ Colgate-Palmolive

Sr. Associate Scientist Post @ Colgate-Palmolive

MSc chemistry candidates with relevant experience are encouraged to apply online at Colgate-Palmolive for a Senior Associate Scientist position. The job for the msc chemistry candidates is located at Mumbai India. Check details on the same below:

Job Title:  Sr. Associate Scientist

Job ID: # 66442

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Job Description:

The objective of the job would be to encourage organisational goals by undertaking many jobs for bringing the grid, financing the expansion, and greatest place to operate applications. This person will support merchandise launches/relaunches by creating necessary information, conducting laboratory and pilot plant batches to product development research and customer evaluation requirements, follow sensory/clinical needs, run aging research, and confirm processes and product formulas through customer research, recordkeeping, and documentation. The incumbent also works on account preparation and technology move according to the protocol.

Job Context:

  • Implements more intricate product development jobs and/or multiple service jobs
  • grows and urge product quality and procedures
  • support financing the development program of this organisation by researching opportunities to optimise price through formula and procedure optimisation
  • identify new sellers for quality components sourcing at reduced cost
  • service Quality and EOHS system execution at India Global Technology Centre
  • work closely together with other Global Technology Centers and support/implement common programs
    port with several departments and works (within Africa Eurasia and Europe area ) for example Supply Chain, Packaging, Regulatory, and Marketing to ensure timely completion of apps
    demonstrate capacity to innovate, implement applications, and encourage new joinees with minimal advice.


Essential Accountabilities:

  • Planning of floor work for job initiation, implementation, and facilitation (documentation, literature research, sourcing of Chemical Materials, and viscous substance qualification report manufacturing )
  • Conduct pilot plant batches for equilibrium research, Consumer test demands for sensory/clinical prerequisites and product validations, procedure analysis followed by admissions of data, and protocols at the database such as approvals
  • Conduct aging research, analytical interpretation of results, preparation of reports and technology transport packages, trouble shooting, and vendor audits
  • Practice Quality Standards and Environmental Occupational Health and Safety systems in India Global Technology Center
  • Identify and implement new innovative programmes to drive company growth


  • Masters of Science in Chemistry or Experts of Pharmacy in Pharmaceuticals
  • 5 years of experience in the Market

Are you thinking about working for Colgate-Palmolive? You may apply to work with us using this online application. Attach all relevant documents like a cover letter and resume or CV. Applications received by email aren’t considered in the choice procedure.

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