Chemistry Chemical Sustainability Specialist @ H&M, Bengaluru

Chemistry Chemical Sustainability Specialist @ H&M, Bengaluru

Chemistry Chemical Sustainability Specialist @ H&M, Bengaluru

Candidates with a chemistry background are encouraged to apply for Chemical Sustainability Specialist @ H&M, Bengaluru. H&M, Bengaluru is hiring chemistry candidates for a chemical sustainability vacancy. Check out all of the details on the same below:

By being a part of H&M, You’ll Be able to:

  • Build your career on an International Platform
  • Be a part of a People-focused culture
  • Discover the meaning of life & work balance

From the H&M Production business, we change design ideas into real products. We guarantee that we create safe products for our clients and stay in the forefront of sustainability.

For a Sustainability Specialist – Chemical, you’ve got the possession over the resources and routines that guides Generation towards fulfilling our chemical obligations including’Zero release of poisonous substances’.

You’re also in charge of tracking the usage of chemicals used within our varied manufacturing tasks,

Providing expert chemical knowledge to the manufacturing groups as the subject matter specialist.

You run forefront evaluation to maintain Current on industry market practices,

Ensuring that our business remains ahead where possible.

What are you going to do?

Within this role, you’ll be kept busy and engaged via a vast selection of tasks. Mostly You’ll Need to:

  • As Chemical Sustainability Expert, you send on the areas You’ve Got possession for by living our values Daily And mostly through cooperation and teamwork.
  • You associate right with the Sustainability teams in various manufacturing offices, to identify possible dangers
  • Working with substances which aren’t yet covered by our present compliance patterns.
  • Having said that, you set a mitigation action plan in place, in cooperation with external and internal stakeholders.
  • You channel your own entrepreneurial spirit with your revolutionary and’out of the box’ thinking, to Think of new alternatives To implement sustainability patterns within the distribution chains.
  • Additionally you work closely together with NGOs, chemical companies, certification bodies, government organizations Along with other businesses in our sector to stay current with developments that affect policies and routines We have set up.
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Who can you work with?

Within this function you’ll join a lively and dynamic team located in Bangalore.

Who are you?

In H&Mwe appreciate your own personal qualities as far as your professional skills. We actually want you to join our staff if:

Ø Background in Chemistry / Chemical engineering with at least two years work experience in chemicals.

Ø Strong Knowledge on compliance of Manufacturing Requirement Substance Listing, ZDHC MRSL and finest chemical management clinic in all procedures involved in the distribution chain.

Ø Expertise in energy efficiency, GHG and renewable energy.

Ø Work independently using the supply chain.

Ø Proficiency in MS Excel

Ø Structured and coordinated

Ø Analytical abilities

Ø Good communication & media abilities

Ø Quick learner

Ø Open for self improvement

So what is next?

If what you’ve read so far seems like fun and also a wonderful location to work, then please apply directly away. If your CV is one of those chosen, you’ll be invited for an initial phone screening, followed by a few interviews in our workplaces.

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