Associate Scientist Post for Chemistry Candidates @ Syngene

Research Fellow Post Vacant for Chemistry Candidates @ PAU

Associate Scientist Post for Chemistry Candidates @ Syngene

Chemistry and pharma candidates are encouraged to apply online at syngene for associate scientist positions. Associate Scientist position for chemistry candidates at Syngene. Syngene is hiring for pharma and chemistry candidates, check details below:

Job Title  Associate Scientist

Job Description:

  1. Perform robust chromatographic method development using HPLC, GC, LC MS & GC MS etc.
  2. Perform analytical activities using instruments such as HPLC, GC, LCMS, GPC, NMR etc.
  3. Plan and perform method verification experiments with accuracy, reproducibility, recovery/high purity
  4. Prioritize the samples such that there is less no. of backlog samples, monitor samples to avoid duplication
  5. Perform calibration of instruments , preventive maintenance of systems on a regular basis and document the reports
  6. Communicate with clients  and colleagues on a regular basis through emails, telephones and tele-conferences

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