Production Executive for Chemistry Candidates @ Merck KGaA

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Production Executive for Chemistry Candidates @ Merck KGaA

Chemistry candidates are encouraged to apply for Production executive vacancy at Merck KGaA. Merck KGaA is hiring chemistry candidates for research vacancies. Merck KGaA Recruitment 2018 – Chemistry candidates eligible. Check details on the same below:

Name of the Position : Production Executive

Requisition ID : 165081

Location : India – Maharashtra – Mumbai

Position Background:

  • Organizing and monitoring deliver products in planned quantities / schedule conforming to agreed quality specifications.
  • Participating and assisting Production Management in productivity improvement, Safety, Effluent Waste Reduction and Industrial Relations on shop floor.

Key Accountabilities:

Shift Operations:

  • To supervise all production shift activities to achieve daily targeted production in time and be responsible for specific tasks assigned during the shift.
  • To be responsible for taking and handing over plant charge explaining shift operations to next incoming supervisor.
  • To ensure correctness of manufacturing inputs like raw material (quantity and quality), equipment, utilities and sequence of activities as provided by manufacturing / In – Process control procedures.

Process Control:

  • To ensure the follow-up of the critical process parameters and controlled conditions by effective implementation of use of established documented procedures / Work Instructions.
  • To ensure the maintainance accuracy of the documentation of the production batches (e.g.. Log sheets and Log books) and registration of any observed deviations in operations / shop-floor.

System & Procedure:

  • To follow all systems / procedure (Process Mapping, ESHA Policy & Guidelines) in area of operation and assist in ensuring maintenance through planned audits.

Safety Health At Work and Environment Protection:

  • To follow up and ensure observance of ESHA guidelines. To ensure proper housekeeping in the area of operations.
  • To initiate desired action and inform to Security / Medical Centre / Departmental Heads of any accidents / sickness / injury in area of operations.
  • To maintain awareness of unsafe working operations and take suitable precautions during lab-work.
  • To ensure highest level of shop floor cleanliness, orderliness and follow – up of Better Waste Control Practices (BWCP).
  • Ensure safety of the employees including contractors, insist to follow safe practices & work permit system at workplace.
  • Monitor and improve performance of EHS Management system in the department
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  • To assist in identification and recording breakdowns, as well as to organize for “SAMACO” and preventive maintenance.

Shop Floor Management / Discipline:

  • To maintain staff discipline and ensure that no plant personnel leave work place without prior permission and communicating any non conformance.

Industrial Relations:

  • To lead and motivate workmen under control for maximising productivity and maintaining discipline and adhere to company procedures for grievance handling and seek support to eliminate them.
  • To participate and assist in developing skills.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • People management.
  • Project management.
  • Time management.
  • Analytical skills.

Competencies Required:

  • Knowledge and experience in production and manufacturing processes and techniques
  • Knowledge of raw materials
  • Knowledge of quality systems and standards
  • Knowledge of health and safety standards and compliance
  • Knowledge of process improvement techniques
  • knowledge of engineering and technology principles and practices solid computer skills
  • knowledge of human resource principles and practices


  • Require a bachelor’s Degree/Diploma – chemical engineering, Chemistry.

Work Experience :

  • 2-3 years + work experience in production & manufacturing

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