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MSc Chemistry Junior Research Fellowship @ IIT Kharagpur


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Job Description:


  • Literature search related to the drug substance, create analytical profiles.
  • Develop suitable analytical method for drug substance or drug product if not in Pharmacopoeia
  • To carry out characterization of the API and conduct pre-formulation studies as planned by the formulator
  • To conduct analysis of development samples as received from formulator and provide them with analytical report in the defined timeline.


  • To conduct calibration of allotted equipment with proper documentation and maintain the equipment in good condition. To follow the SOP of usage and document in the log books.


  • To conduct analysis of stability samples and prepare stability reports.
  • To validate the method developed and prepare validation report
    Commercial Transfer
  • Perform Lab to lab or Technology transfer of analytical method to the transferring site.
  • Prepare all documents related to Tech Pack for commercial transfer of the method.
    Maintain lab notebooks in proper condition and keep it updated at all times.
  • To use PPE and follow safe practices in lab.

Critical Success Factors:


  • Is able to conduct the literature search for every product and derive an analytical profile that helps in method development and analysis
  • Think in a scientific manner to develop analytical method and demonstrate practically with timelines
  • Is able to support Formulators for pre-formulation studies using various analytical techniques
    Conducts the analysis on samples and provide the report within the timelines with no errors


  • Understands the working of basic instruments such as Balances, pH meters, UV Spectrophotometer, HPLC, etc to do calibrations


  • Understands validation, prepares validation protocol and conducts validation studies & report within timelines
  • Is able to conduct the Stability studies within specified timeline and with accuracy. Indicate and report the change in the stability profiles

Commercial Transfer

  • Demonstrates the analytical method developed and transfers it without any issues to the receiving site

Project Management

  • Is able to plan and prioritize multiple project deadlines to meet product delivery goals
  • Is able to write all documents based on the data from lab notebooks properly.
  • Maintains lab notes for history and reference


  • Understands the importance of PPE and practices the use of PPEs in the lab all the time (Personal Protective Equipment)

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