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Aditya Birla Group

A US $41 billion corporation, the Aditya Birla Group is in the League of Fortune 500. The Group globally operates in Cements, Metals, Mining, Acrylic Fibre, Carbon Black, Insulators, Agri Business, Chemicals, Pulp & Viscose Fibre, Apparel & Textiles, Trading, Financial Telecom and Retail Industries. The Group has been adjudged among the `Top two Best Employers in India’ in 2011 through an AON-Hewitt study. It has also been Ranked No. 1 in Asia Pacific, and No. 4 globally as a Top Company for Leaders. Grasim is India’s leading fibre manufacturer and the global leader in viscose staple fibre (VSF), a man-made, biodegradable fibre with characteristics akin to cotton. Grasim’s VSF plants are located at Nagda in Madhya Pradesh, Kharach, Vilayat in Gujarat and Harihar in Karnataka in India. Grasim’s unit at Nagda is its largest unit producing a wide range of VSF to suit customer requirements in terms of length, denier and color, and also second- and third-generation fibres like Modal, Excel and Solvent Spun fibres, respectively. The Nagda unit is the largest producer of spun-dyed specialty fibre in the world. Birla Cellulose constantly drives innovation and has a dedicated R&D facilities spanning plantation to fashion. LIVA

, the magic fluid fabric from Grasim, a group company is a favorite with fashion designers. With the capability to offer the entire range of cellulosic fibre under the umbrella brand of ‘Birla Cellulose’, Grasim has positioned itself as a dependable supplier of cellulosic fibres for “Feel, Comfort and Fashion” across global markets. Grasim has ventured into the production of high-performance viscose fibres to help the company penetrate into niche markets and grow further. Grasim’s viscose fibres have been branded Viscose Plus, High Wet Modulus Fibres (Modal) and the new generation Solvent Spun Fibres and Birla Excel.

Job Title  Research Scientist

Job Description:

The Pulp and Fibre business of Aditya Birla Group is the global leader in Viscose Staple Fibre with a market share of 21% with a turnover of approximately US $ 2 billion. Fibre is manufactured in plants located in India, Indonesia, Thailand and China. The key raw material for fibre manufacturing, Dissolving Grade Pulp, is chiefly manufactured in house at plants in India,Canada and Sweden. Under a strategy of backward integration, the Business has also invested in Eucalyptus plantations in Lao PDR. The business produces more than 2000 metric tonnes of VSF per day. The fibre is sold in almost 63 countries under the brand name of Birla Cellulose.The key strengths of the business include a wide portfolio of products with regular and specialty

fibres and strong cost leadership. In view of strong competition, and the business vision to be the Global Leader, a need was felt to further expand the Research & Development organization.

The R&D team is thus expected to work on innovations that would enable the business to take aquantum leap through patented products and processes, and develop a portfolio of new investment opportunities for the business, that will strengthen the competitive positioning of the business.

Major Challenges of the job include:

  • Managing interdepartmental interactions across multiple verticals functions (Marketing, Manufacturing, Business Units), and across multiple geographies.
  • Working together across multiple technology groups Pulp R&D, ABSTC, CTC, BRI, ABCFRC, and TRADC.
  • Building in a market focus for the innovation by creating marketable products and supporting customers technically
  • Ensuring that the business core strength of cost competitiveness is retained and built upon while enhancing the focus on innovation.


  • Ph. D./M.Sc  in Chemistry/ Chemical Engineering/ Textiles from a reputed institution
  • Experience of working in research and development /scale up/process design/ troubleshooting/variation control  in a renowned company  or overseas research experience. Exposure to polymers / fibers / cellulose is preferred but not a must
  • Exposure to yarn spinning, Yarn technology and mechanics

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