New job opportunities in pharmacy, architecture attracting Pune students

Projecting The Future

Whilst engineering schools were dealing with an issue of masses for the previous couple of years the place call for is a long way lesser than provide because of mushrooming of engineering schools around the state, the location is relatively the other on the subject of pharmacy or structure, the 2 different classes ruled via the Directorate of Technical Schooling (DTE).

With top call for for seats and less admission choices, DTE officers say that the issue of emptiness in those schools is a long way lesser. As in keeping with the directorate’s knowledge, Pune area has 53 pharmacy institutes with an consumption capability of three,780. Final yr, all of the seats have been taken up in pharmacy schools. Joint director of technical schooling DR Nandanwar attributed the rise in scholars’ hobby within the box to enlargement within the task marketplace because of greater overseas funding in pharmaceutical firms.

“I think the biggest factor that has given a boost to the demand for pharmacy is the strict policy adopted by regulatory authorities where all chemists’ shops are required by law to have a pharmacist. The implementation of the law has been made extremely strict and that’s why the demand for

registered pharmacists has gone up tremendously,” Nandanwar stated. –

“Also, given the increase in the number of research oriented jobs in pharma-biotech companies and even recruitment opportunities in corporate sector, especially ITs, is leading to demand for pharmacy,” Nandan-war added. There are roughly 160 pharmacy schools within the state with a complete consumption capability of over 10,000.

Pravin Chaudhuri, primary of Trendy School of Pharmacy agreed that the call for for pharmacy classes has been rising within the final couple of years because of more recent alternatives for profession expansion. “Earlier, the traditional jobs would be in sales or marketing of pharma companies, production, quality control, formulation development and drug discovery of Indian drug manufacturing companies,” Chaudhuri stated.

“However, we are now seeing newer kind of job avenues like clinical research opportunities in scientific institutions, intellectual property rights, pharmaco-vigilance and especially, a lot of opportunities in clinical data management,” Chaudhuri additional stated. “I think lowering of opportunities in the engineering sector due to the problem of plenty is diverting many students here since they have more job prospects,” Chaudhuri added.

The lack of engineering school isn’t just a achieve for pharmacy schools however structure schools too. “I think it might be for two reasons. Firstly, architecture is a professional degree and just like medicine, one can set up an independent practice even if the person doesn’t get a corporate job. The number of engineers who are self-employed are far lesser than the number of architects. Secondly, due to lesser number of seats in architecture colleges, vacancies are fewer too,” Nandanwar stated. Pushkar Kavinde, primary of B.Okay.P.S School of Structure stated in contrast to overseas nationals the place the ratio is one architect consistent with three,000 inhabitants, in India, it’s 10 occasions lesser. “In our school, we now have by no means noticed a emptiness of seats or even in a different way, it’s fairly widespread.

However I might say this is likely one of the very best time to get into structure. With Sensible Towns, we would wish many architects. Lately, the focus of maximum architects is within the metros. However in Tier I and II towns the place there’s a massive scarcity, there’s super alternative,” Kavinde stated. For college kids who absorb specialisation on the town making plans, city design or transportation, there’s a massive scope. We also are seeing a surge in new process roles for architects, particularly in challenge control jobs, product design and so forth,” Kavinde additional stated.


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