What are the career options after a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy?

I would broadly place the potential opportunities into two categories:
Category 1- Higher Education
Category 2- Professional career
Category 1 –  If you want to continue your education then the following are few options you should probably look at:
  1. M Pharm – If you want to further enhance your understanding and skills in the pharmaceutical domain then better go for a master’s degree. Master’s degree would be very useful if you want to make a career in research as you would get a broader picture about research activities. Based on your requirement you can pursue M Pharm in India or overseas. Consider the risk benefit ratio while you plan for the institute/university.
  2. Pharm D – If you are planning for a career overseas then go for Pharm D as the course curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of Pharma education in many countries. Pharm D graduates have a very important role in the healthcare system but unfortunately in India it still is not cultivated in the right way.
  3. MBA – If you don’t want to restrict your opportunities to Pharma and are looking for an accelerated growth in your career then MBA is the right option. My sincere advice is don’t just go for an MBA for money or because your friend/senior has done it. Have a clear picture of what you want to achieve in future and then decide. Aim for the top B schools and grab the best opportunities.
  4. PHD – If you have a heart for research then you may as well go with PHD after your post graduation. PHD will also give you an edge over the others once you reach a senior position in your career.
Category 2-
If you want to put a full stop to your education and start your professional career, then you have the following options:
  1. Jobs in Pharmaceutical Industry/ Clinical research organizations/ Biotech companies – As a B Pharm graduate you would get a chance to work in the departments like Production, Quality Assurance, and rarely in R&D, formulation etc.
  2. Marketing jobs – If you have an instinctive ability to convince people then marketing is a very good option. Sales are an integral part of pharmaceutical companies and you will have plenty of oportunities here.
  3. Pharmacist in hospitals – To be frank, the role of pharmacists in the healthcare system of India is highly underrated. I hope things get better in the near future. Nevertheless you have opportunities in both private and government hospitals.
  4. Retail/Wholesale Pharmacy business – If you have an eye for the customers then better start your own pharmacy. Even thought the margins have decreased after the restriction on drug price margins by DPCO act in 2015, there is still ample scope to make good money.
  5. Teaching – If you are passionate about teaching am sure finding a job as a lecturer is not a tough task. But down the years you would need a master’s degree, PHD etc. to strengthen your career.
Frankly speaking there is no limit if I start writing about what one can do after graduation. But it all depends on which way you want to proceed.
Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
– Anthony J. D’Angelo
Good Luck.


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