BITS Pilani PhD IMPACT (Industry Mentored PhD in Advanced and Cutting-edge Technologies), Apply Now

PhD IMPACT(Industry Mentored PhD in Advanced and Cutting-edge Technologies)

  • Practicing professionals motivated to pursue high impact research at the workplace leading to a PhD degree in collaboration with BITS Pilani.


  • To get rewarded for innovative work that is being undertaken at the workplace with simultaneous PhD degree.
  • To achieve best innovation through academia-industry partnership.


  • Mentorship from both BITS Pilani faculty and scientists at the workplace
  • Utilize state-of-the-art resources available at any BITS Pilani Campus
  • Be a part of world class PhD program at BITS Pilani
  • Focused program to complete project work in a defined time frame
  • The projects/ problem statements would be from companies where
  1. company employees will enroll in PhD program to work on them;
  2. enroll fresh PhD students co-guided by BITS faculty and company scientists.

Areas of interest:

All the areas of science and technology including but not limited to,

  • AI/ML; Data Sciences; NLP; Cyber Security
  • Robotics; 3D Printing applications
  • Sensors development; IoT; Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Antennas; Microwave Communications
  • Natural and Renewable Energies; Energy Storage; Efficient Energy transmission
  • Green chemistry; catalysis; methane production; carbon capture
  • Drug discovery; Drug Delivery; Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics


  • M.E./M.Tech./M.Pharm./MBA/M.Sc./B.E./B.Pharm. or an equivalent Degree with a minimum of 60% aggregate in the qualifying examination

If you are a working professional, please discuss this opportunity with your company about the following points.

  • Identifying problem statements that are relevant to your work which are challenging and will generate new knowledge. In general, solutions to these problems are innovative and would require 3-4 years of dedicated time.
  •  Identify mentor from the company to guide you for PhD along with BITS faculty
  •  Identify sources of funding, if required to pursue the project from within the company.

When you are ready with the above information, please complete and submit the Application Form : , along with supporting documents.

If you are the leadership of a company, please write to us about the following points.

  • Different areas of interest that you would like to collaborate with BITS Pilani.
  • We will develop the problem statements together and identify a suitable candidate to work towards developing solutions to your problems.
  • The candidate can enroll into PhD and work with you.

Contact us at [email protected]

Please write to us before you start to submit the application.


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