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Senior Executive at Diageo

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Job position: Senior Executive – Quality& Blending

Job location: Baddi, India

Job Description: 

Desirable Qualification & Work Experience for Senior Executive at Diageo :

Post Graduate calibre or equivalent – preferably in Chemistry/Microbiology/Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Food technology/DIFAT
4-7 years of experience in the areas of Quality Assurance and Quality Systems on Food Processing / FMCG –Distillery, Brewery and Beverage Industry

  • Good to have Knowledge/Skills/Exposure:
  • Hands on experience and in-depth knowledge of quality management systems, developing quality related SOPs and its control.
  • Experience in handling quality improvement projects Knowledge of Microsoft Office package
  • Best Suited for Someone Who:
  • Excellent coaching, influencing and communication skills.
  • Good Communication and Presentation skills

Knowledge & skills: –

  • Hands on Experience of Blending in any IMFL Industry
  • Having the basic knowledge about state Excise Related to Blending operation of any IMFL Industry
  • Having the Experience in sourcing of ENA
  • Having the good sensory evaluation of spirits, Blends & Water
  • Hands on experience and in-depth knowledge of quality management systems (ISO 22000, FSSC 22000), should have experience in developing quality related SOPs and its control.
  • Has experience in WTP operations and water balancing.
  • Knowledge of working in SAP
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Best Suited for Someone who –
    Excellent coaching, influencing and communication skills.
    Good Communication and Presentation skills

Areas of Responsibilities for Senior Executive at Diageo: –

Blending Operations

  • Procurement of spirits in co-ordination with Commercial department
  • Responsible for Blend Preparation as per the production Plan
  • Selection of spirits & HBS as per the TC / OQC guidelines
  • All blends approval from Unit QA
  • Analyse raw materials, Intermediate (Blends), and report to the unit head on the findings
  • Coordinate with other departments for all rejection failures at unit
  • Calibrate all lab equipment’s, arrive at calibration plan and manage operations as per supplier manual.
  • Responsible for maintenance of the equipment as per supplier recommendation
  • Having knowledge of self-audits of GRMS/GMP.
  • Liquid quality compliance
  • Adherence to quality standards

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Possible interview Question may be asked for Senior Executive at Diageo

1.Can you tell us about your educational background and work experience that aligns with this position in Quality & Blending?

Answer: I hold a Post Graduate degree in Food Technology and have 5 years of relevant experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Systems within the FMCG-Distillery, Brewery, and Beverage Industry. My academic background and hands-on experience in the food processing industry have equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the role of Senior Executive – Quality & Blending.

2. What specific experience do you have in blending operations and handling raw materials for the production of spirits?

Answer: During my tenure in the FMCG-Distillery industry, I have gained hands-on experience in blending operations, including the procurement of spirits and overseeing blend preparation as per production plans. I have a solid understanding of selecting spirits and HBS (Herbal Bitter Spirits) according to technical and organoleptic quality guidelines. Additionally, I have been responsible for analyzing raw materials and blends to ensure compliance with quality standards.

3. How do you ensure the implementation and maintenance of quality management systems and SOPs in your previous roles?

Answer: In my previous roles, I have been actively involved in the development of quality management systems, particularly ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000. I have hands-on experience in creating quality-related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and ensuring their effective implementation and control. Regular audits and internal assessments have been conducted to monitor the adherence to quality standards, and any required improvements were promptly addressed.

4. Can you describe your experience in water treatment plant operations and water balancing?

Answer: I have experience in managing water treatment plant (WTP) operations, ensuring the efficient treatment and supply of water for production processes. Water balancing, including adjusting water composition to meet specific requirements, has been a part of my responsibilities. I have worked closely with the relevant teams to maintain the optimal performance of the WTP and ensure the quality of water used in blending operations.

5. How do you handle coordination with other departments, such as Procurement and Unit QA, to ensure smooth blending operations?

Answer: Effective communication and collaboration are essential in coordinating with other departments. I have a track record of fostering positive working relationships with teams in Procurement and Unit QA to ensure seamless blending operations. Regular meetings and status updates have been utilized to align production plans, approve blends, and promptly address any issues or rejections that may arise. This collaborative approach has contributed to the overall efficiency and quality of blending operations.


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