Indi Swift Chemist Job - BSc/MSc Chemistry Candidates Apply

Indi Swift Chemist Job – BSc/MSc Chemistry Candidates Apply

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Job Title: Chemist

Salary: 1.5-4 Lacs P.A.

Industry: Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Department: Production, Manufacturing & Engineering

Role Category: Operations, Maintenance & Support

Employment Type: Full Time, Permanent

Eligbility Criteria

UG:B.Sc in Chemistry,Diploma in Chemical

PG:MS/M.Sc(Science) in Chemistry

Roles and Responsibilities

Production- Chemists(API Only)

QC-Chemist/Sr.Chemist(HPLC,GC,Wet Lab,UV, IR,RM)

Key Skills

  • UVApi
  • Production Wet Lab
  • API Manufacturing
  • HPLC
  • Centrifuge Distillation Pilot
  • Plant GLRHy
  • drogenationReactorsRMGC

Chemistry job opening 2023, Chemist job opening 2023, IND-SWIFT is Chandigarh based pharmaceutical company, established in 1986 with a mission of winning global customers through innovative pharmaceutical products. Three visionaries Jains, Mehtas and Munjals, dedicated themselves to work for humanity’s quest for longer, happier and healthier lives.

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Important Interview Questions and Answers for the above job role:

  1. Can you describe your experience with HPLC and GC, and how you have used them in your previous roles? Answer: Yes, I have worked with HPLC and GC extensively in my previous roles. I have used HPLC to analyze complex mixtures of compounds and to quantify drug substances in various formulations. GC has been instrumental in my work for analyzing volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds in a range of matrices.
  2. How have you managed to ensure that your work in production has consistently met quality standards? Answer: I have always been meticulous in my work and take care to follow all protocols and procedures. Additionally, I have used statistical process control techniques to monitor and analyze the production process to ensure that it is within acceptable limits. I also perform frequent checks of raw materials and finished products to ensure compliance with quality standards.
  3. Have you ever encountered an unexpected problem during production and how did you solve it? Answer: Yes, I have encountered several unexpected problems during production. One such instance was when a batch of product did not meet the expected purity levels. I was able to identify the issue by investigating the upstream and downstream processes, and ultimately was able to correct the issue by modifying the reaction conditions.
  4. Can you describe your experience with hydrogenation and pilot plant operations? Answer: I have extensive experience in hydrogenation reactions and have worked on pilot plant operations to optimize reaction conditions and scale up processes. I am familiar with the safety protocols and precautions that need to be taken while working with hydrogenation reactions and have always prioritized safety in my work.
  5. How have you kept up with advancements and changes in the pharmaceutical industry? Answer: I regularly attend seminars and conferences to stay up to date with the latest advancements in the pharmaceutical industry. I also read scientific literature and keep up to date with industry news and regulations. Additionally, I have completed various online courses to stay up to date with new techniques and technologies.

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